Processing Big Data with Azure HDInsight

Building Real-World Big Data Systems on Azure HDInsight Using the Hadoop Ecosystem

  • Vinit Yadav

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About this book


Get a jump start on using Azure HDInsight and Hadoop Ecosystem components. As most Hadoop and Big Data projects are written in either Java, Scala, or Python, this book minimizes the effort to learn another language and is written from the perspective of a .NET developer. Hadoop components are covered, including Hive, Pig, HBase, Storm, and Spark on Azure HDInsight, and code samples are written in .NET only.

Processing Big Data with Azure HDInsight covers the fundamentals of big data, how businesses are using it to their advantage, and how Azure HDInsight fits into the big data world. This book introduces Hadoop and big data concepts and then dives into creating different solutions with HDInsight and the Hadoop Ecosystem. It covers concepts with real-world scenarios and code examples, making sure you get hands-on experience. The best way to utilize this book is to practice while reading. After reading this book you will be familiar with Azure HDInsight and how it can be utilized to build big data solutions, including batch processing, stream analytics, interactive processing, and storing and retrieving data in an efficient manner.

What You Will Learn: 
  • Understand the fundamentals of HDInsight and Hadoop
  • Work with HDInsight cluster
  • Query with Apache Hive and Apache Pig
  • Store and retrieve data with Apache HBase
  • Stream data processing using Apache Storm
  • Work with Apache Spark


Microsoft Windows Azure HDInsight Big Data Hadoop Hive Pig HBase Storm Spark

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