Chemists’ Views of Imaging Centers

  • Ali M. Emran

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Technical, Administrative and Organizational issues in Clinical Pet

    1. K. J. Kearfott, J. R. Votaw
      Pages 3-26
    2. Ranajit K. Bera, Penny Yost, Lynn R. Hendershott, Rita Gentilcore, Dave Phegley, James W. Fletcher
      Pages 35-38
    3. Jeff Collmann, Sam Stapleton, Susan Reed
      Pages 39-48
    4. Victor W. Pike, Gerhard Stöcklin
      Pages 49-58
    5. Stephen M. Moerlein, Dennis P. Swanson, Ronald J. Callahan
      Pages 59-69
  3. Regulatory Issues in Clinical Pet

  4. Pet Related Equipments Specifications and Selection

    1. R. J. Nickles, O. T. de Jesus
      Pages 133-139
    2. R. W. Hamm, K. R. Crandall, J. M. Potter, M. R. Shubaly
      Pages 141-150
    3. Thomas Chaly, Dibyendu Bandyopadhyay, Donald Margouleff
      Pages 151-156
  5. Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Related Issues

    1. Thomas J. Ruth, Salma Jivan, Michael J. Adam
      Pages 169-174
    2. H. R. Adams, M. A. Channing, J. E. Divel, B. B. Dunn, D. O. Kiesewetter, P. Plascjak et al.
      Pages 175-188
    3. Mike R. Austreng
      Pages 211-216
    4. Richard E. Ehrenkaufer, Henry Chilton, Thomas Morton, Bradley Jones
      Pages 217-224
  6. Radiopharmaceuticals for Biomedical Research and Imaging

    1. Willem Vaalburg, Philip H. Elsinga, Tjibbe J. de Groot, Gerben M. Visser, Aren M. van Waarde, Sytse Zijlstra
      Pages 225-235
    2. Günter Firnau, Raman Chirakal, Lindi Wahl, Jia Juen Chen, Dilip Murthy, Claude Nahmias et al.
      Pages 237-247
    3. John Mertens, Henri Moereels, Mireille Gysemans, Dirk Terriere, Maggi Thomas, Josée Leysen
      Pages 249-256
    4. Ronald G. Manning, N. Scott Mason, Tomas de Paulis, Robert M. Kessler
      Pages 257-264
    5. Jogeshwar Mukherjee, Zhi-Ying Yang, Malay K. Das
      Pages 265-275
  7. Applications of Various Nuclides

    1. R. D. Finn, C. R. Divgi, S. J. Goldsmith, S. M. Larson, H. A. Macapinlac, A. M. Scott et al.
      Pages 277-284
    2. Ali M. Emran, Yohanna Fares, John D. Goeschl, Malcolm C. Drew
      Pages 285-289
    3. Lee C. Washburn, Ramesh C. Khosla, Craig C. Williams, Michael J. Gelfand, Harry R. Maxon III
      Pages 291-295
    4. Vimal D. Mehta, Ralph P. Mason, Padmakar V. Kulkarni, Penny Lea, Anca Constantinescu, Peter P. Antich
      Pages 305-313
    5. C. Greg Pippin, Otto A. Gansow, Martin W. Brechbiel, Lother Koch, R. Molinet, Jaques van Geel et al.
      Pages 315-322
  8. Targetry and Precursor Chemistry

    1. Gerald Bida, Nagichettiar Satyamurthy, Elizabeth Zippi
      Pages 323-328
    2. Henry F. VanBrocklin, Henry C. Padgett, C. William Alvord, Derrick G. Schmidt, Gerald T. Bida
      Pages 329-338
    3. Mark M. Goodman, George W. Kabalka, Desmond Longford, T. Lee Collier, Timothy Gotsick
      Pages 347-356
    4. G. Keith Mulholland, Douglas M. Jewett
      Pages 357-366
  9. Radiotracer Syntheses

    1. C. Crouzel, B. Tavitian, A. M. Planas
      Pages 391-400
    2. Richard D. Hichwa, Laura L. Boles Ponto, G. Leonard Watkins
      Pages 401-417
    3. Jorge R. Barrio, N. Satyamurthy, M. Namavari, G. Lacan
      Pages 419-424
    4. R. Chirakal, G. Firnau, M. Adams, G. J. Schrobilgen, G. Coates, G. T. Bida et al.
      Pages 425-429
  10. Automated Synthesis of Radiotracers

    1. John C. Clark, Keith Dowsett, Colin J. Steel, David R. Turton
      Pages 431-443
    2. Sharon Stone-Elander, Nils Elander
      Pages 445-454

About this book


To continue the support for the growing trend of chemistry involvement in nuclear medicine, the Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (DNCT) of the American Chemical Society (ACS) planned for a symposium to cover this aspect. This was expressed in arequest to me, as a member of the Program Committee, to organize a symposium on topics related to nuclear and radiochemistry applications to nuclear medicine. Realizing the growing interest in imaging, specially with positron emitting radioisotopes, I invited several colleagues to study with me the idea of imaging centers and the involvement of chemists in their structure and function. The formulated Organizing Committee supported this idea which evolved in proposing an extended international symposium to be held in conjunction with the 206th ACS National meeting in Chicago, Illinois, U. S. A. on August 22-27, 1993. The following are the members of the Organizing Committee: Jorge R. Barrio, Ph. D. Thomas E. Boothe, Ph. D. J. Robert Dahl, Ph. D. Robert F. Dannals, Ph. D. Bruce R. Erdal, Ph. D. Mark M. Goodman, Ph. D. George W. Kabalka, Ph. D. James F. Lamb, Ph. D. Ronald G. Manning, Ph. D. Henry C. Padgett, Ph. D. Roy S. Tilbury, Ph. D. Steven W. Yates, Ph. D. and Ali M. Emran, Ph. D.


imaging medical imaging nuclear medicine positron emission tomography (PET) radiation

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