Acoustical Holography

Volume 7: Recent Advances in Ultrasonic Visualization

  • Lawrence W. Kessler

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Reginald C. Eggleton, F. Stephen Vinson
    Pages 21-35
  3. Anant K. Nigam, Charles P. Olinger
    Pages 65-77
  4. R. Torguet, C. Bruneel, E. Bridoux, J. M. Rouvaen, B. Nongaillard
    Pages 79-85
  5. D. Vilkomerson, R. Mezrich, K.-F. Etzold
    Pages 87-101
  6. T. M. Waugh, G. S. Kino
    Pages 103-115
  7. Amin Hanafy, Mauro Zambuto
    Pages 117-132
  8. H. W. Jones, C. J. Williams
    Pages 133-153
  9. Takuso Sato, Kimio Sasaki, Yoichi Nakamura, Masaharu Nonaka
    Pages 179-191
  10. C. H. Lee, G. Heidbreder, G. Wade, A. Coello-Vera
    Pages 207-223
  11. J. C. Stamm, R. Priemer
    Pages 225-243
  12. J. F. Greenleaf, S. A. Johnson, W. F. Samayoa, C. R. Hansen
    Pages 263-273
  13. J. Deschamps, R. J. Kleehammer
    Pages 283-289
  14. S. A. Johnson, J. F. Greenleaf, C. R. Hansen, W. F. Samayoa, M. Tanaka, A. Lent et al.
    Pages 307-326
  15. M. L. Dick, D. E. Dick, F. D. McLeod, N. B. Kindig
    Pages 327-346
  16. M. Siegel, M. Olinger, B. Ho
    Pages 347-358
  17. K. Wang, H. Shen, H. Chang, G. Wade, K. Su, M. Lo et al.
    Pages 359-374
  18. D. Frieda, P. Spiegler, F. Kearly, M. Greenfield, R. Stern
    Pages 375-385
  19. H. F. Tiersten, J. F. McDonald, M. F. Tse, P. Das
    Pages 405-422
  20. K. R. Erikson, R. Zuleeg
    Pages 423-445
  21. L. C. Granger, P. L. Greene, G. Zilinskas
    Pages 447-459
  22. R. D. Melen, J. D. Shott, B. T. Lee, L. C. Granger
    Pages 461-473
  23. J. Souquet, G. S. Kino, T. Waugh
    Pages 475-493
  24. D. A. Gaubatz
    Pages 495-507
  25. G. Kino, W. Leung, H. Shaw, D. Winslow, L. Zitelli
    Pages 523-535
  26. Takuso Sato, Osamu Ikeda, Hajime Ohshima, Hiroyuki Fujikura
    Pages 569-582
  27. Katsumichi Suzuki, Fuminobu Takahashi, Yoshihiro Michiguchi
    Pages 583-598
  28. A. E. Holt, W. E. Lawrie
    Pages 599-609
  29. Back Matter
    Pages 631-654

About this book


This volume contains the papers presented at the Seventh International Symposium on Acoustical Imaging and Holography. The meeting was held in Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. on August 30 - September 1, 1976. Since 1967 this series of conferences has served as an international forum for bringing together the many different facets of the ultrasonic visualization field. Medical diagnosis, nondestructive testing, underwater viewing, seismic the mapping, and acoustic analytical microscopy are examples of broad range applications of this technology. Throughly broad in scope, the common denominator that binds this volume together is the application of engineering and physics disciplines to the creation of images by means of ultrasonic waves. Efforts on the part of the program committe and their institutions are greatly appreciated, They are acknowledged below: Newell Booth Nave lex Arlington, Va. Byron B. Brendan Holosonics, Inc. Richland, Wa. Reginald C. Eggleton ICFAR-IU Medical School Indianapolis, In. Stanford Research Institute Philip S. Green Menlo Park, Ca. Henry Karplus Argonne National Labs Argonne, Il. J.D. Meindl Stanford University Stanford, Ca. Alexander F. Metherell University of California Irvine, Ca. R.K. Mueller University of Minnesota Stillwater, Mn. Frederick L. Thurstone Duke University Durham, N.C. vii viii PREFACE Glen Wade University of California Santa Barbara, Ca. Keith Wang University of Houston Houston, Tx.


diagnosis engine holography microscopy nondestructive testing physics research technology testing ultrasound visualization waves

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