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The Science of Photobiology

  • Kendric C. Smith

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Angelo A. Lamola, Nicholas J. Turro
    Pages 27-61
  3. Nicholas J. Turro, Angelo A. Lamola
    Pages 63-86
  4. John D. Spikes
    Pages 87-112
  5. Howard H. Seliger
    Pages 143-173
  6. John H. Epstein
    Pages 175-207
  7. Beatrice M. Sweeney
    Pages 209-226
  8. Michael Menaker
    Pages 227-240
  9. Edward A. Dratz
    Pages 241-279
  10. Walter Shropshire Jr.
    Pages 281-312
  11. William G. Hand
    Pages 313-328
  12. David C. Fork
    Pages 329-369
  13. John Lee
    Pages 371-395
  14. Kendric C. Smith
    Pages 397-417
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 419-430

About this book


Although there are several excellent books covering a few of the specialized areas of photobiology, at the present time there is no book that covers all areas of the science of photobiology. This book attempts to fill this void. The science of photobiology is currently divided into 14 subspecialty areas by the American Society for Photobiology. The first 14 chapters of this book deal with those subspecialty areas, each written by a leader in the field. Chapter 15, entitled "New Topics in Photobiology," highlights areas of research that may be desig­ nated sUbspecialties of photobiology in the future. This book has been written as a textbook to introduce the science of photobiology to advanced undergraduate and graduate students. The chapters are written to provide a broad overview of each topic. They are designed to contain the amount of information that might be presented in a one-to two-hour general lecture. The references are not meant to be exhaustive, but key refer­ ences are included to give students an entry into the literature. Frequently a more recent reference that reviews the literature will be cited rather than the first paper by the author making the original discovery. Whenever practical, a classroom demonstration or simple laboratory exercise has been provided to exemplify one or more major points in a chapter.


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