Estuarine Management and Quality Assessment

  • J. G. Wilson
  • W. Halcrow

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  2. J. G. Wilson, W. Halcrow
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  3. J. Philip O’Kane
    Pages 7-24
  4. Martin Wilkinson, David A. Rendall
    Pages 71-81
  5. J.-P. Ducrotoy, M. Deprez, J.-P. Dupont
    Pages 105-130
  6. D. W. Jeffrey, J. G. Wilson, C. R. Harris, D. L. Tomlinson
    Pages 147-161
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 219-225

About this book


This volume presents the papers given at the meeting "Estuarine Management and Quality Assessment" held at Trinity College, Dublin in September 1983. The meeting was organised by the Environmental Sci­ ences Unit, TCD and the Estuarine and Brackish-Water Sciences Associ­ ation and was attended by delegates from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Holland and Portugal. The theme for the meeting was deliberately chosen in an attempt to bring together the various disciplines and interests in the field of estuarine quality, and the extent to which this objective was met may be judged from the diversity of the contributions. The meeting was arranged under three sub-headings which could be roughly summar­ ised thu- a) Modelling - as representative of the engineering hydrodynamicist approach. b) Impact - as representative of the biologist-type approach. c) Management - attempting to reconcile the different approaches to, and demands on, the estuary. In fact, since most contributions overlapped into the other two categories, the order in this volume has been changed somewhat from the meeting, and we feel that this book may be fairly presented as one unit. Contributions for which it was not possible to give full transcripts have been included, for completeness, as abstracts. In each session, an invited speaker summarised the state of the art, and the other speakers followed up by describing some new approach to or refinement of the problem.


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