Animal Pain

Perception and Alleviation

  • Ralph L. Kitchell
  • Howard H. Erickson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Perception of Pain

    1. Lawrence Kruger, Barbara E. Rodin
      Pages 1-26
    2. Kenneth L. Casey, Thomas J. Morrow
      Pages 63-81
    3. Thomas L. Wolfle, John C. Liebeskind
      Pages 107-115
    4. Charles J. Vierck Jr., Brian Y. Cooper, Richard H. Cohen
      Pages 117-132
    5. Stephen G. Dennis, Ronald Melzack
      Pages 151-160
  3. Alleviation of Pain

    1. William V. Lumb, Ney L. Pippi, Marissak Kalpravidh
      Pages 179-205
    2. Howard C. Hughes, C. Max Lang
      Pages 207-216
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 217-221

About this book


This book is intended as a source of basic information about the perception and alleviation of pain in animals. It is especially useful for scientific investigators working in this area; for veterinarians interested in the health and welfare of animals, the assessment of pain during surgery, and the alleviation of pain; and for individuals involved in federal, state, and local regulation of the use of animals in research and education. Reflecting the results of a 1982 landmark symposium on animal pain sponsored in part by the American Physiological Society, this outstanding reference covers such topics as peripheral, supraspinal, segmental, and neurophysiological mechanisms involved in pain; spinal cord pathways and control systems; stimulation analgesia and endorphins; behavioral mechanisms for assessing pain; and the phylogenetic evaluation of pain expression in animals.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Ralph L. Kitchell
    • 1
  • Howard H. Erickson
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Anatomy, School of Veterinary MedicineUniversity of CaliforniaDavisUSA
  2. 2.Department of Anatomy and Physiology, College of Veterinary MedicineKansas State UniversityManhattanUSA

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