People and Ideas

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  • S. M. McCann

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-X
  2. Charles H. Sawyer
    Pages 23-39
  3. Roy O. Greep
    Pages 63-85
  4. Don H. Nelson
    Pages 87-115
  5. Joseph Meites
    Pages 117-147
  6. Kenneth J. Ryan
    Pages 201-213
  7. Russel J. Reiter, Mary K. Vaughan
    Pages 215-238
  8. Paul L. Munson
    Pages 239-284
  9. Howard Rasmussen, Irving L. Schwartz
    Pages 335-368
  10. Edward H. Blaine, Michael Rosenblatt
    Pages 397-419
  11. Aubrey Gorbman
    Pages 421-441
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 443-471

About this book


This volume describes the principal ideas and developments in endocrinology from the time of Aristotle through the most recent discoveries. Over the years, the field has involved an intertwining of information gained though clinical medicine with physiology, biochemistry, and genetics to discover a host of hormones, unravel their structure, and determine their function and mechanism of action. The books begins with a discussion of vasopressin, then examines the development of concepts in the control of pituitary hormones and their target glands. Other topics include the various pituitary hormones under neuronal control, pituitary target glands, peripheral hormones, the pancreatic hormones, hormone receptors, and comparative endocrinology. The book gives an excellent picture of the evolution of this exciting area of physiology and the people involved in its growth.


Endocrinology Gonadotropin biochemistry biology growth homeostasis hormone hormone receptors physiology prolactin thyroid hormone

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