Androgen-Responsive Genes in Prostate Cancer

Regulation, Function and Clinical Applications

  • Zhou Wang

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Frank Claessens, Liesbeth Clinckemalie, Helsen Christine, Lien Spans, Vanessa Dubois, Michaël Laurent et al.
    Pages 13-27
  3. Houtan Noushmehr, Simon G. Coetzee, Suhn K. Rhie, Chunli Yan, Gerhard A. Coetzee
    Pages 59-84
  4. Zijie Sun, Suk Hyung Lee
    Pages 101-116
  5. Amy H. Tien, Marianne D. Sadar
    Pages 135-153
  6. Soo Ok Lee, Chiung-Kuei Huang, Luo Jie, Chawnshang Chang
    Pages 155-176
  7. Alfonso Urbanucci, Kati K. Waltering, Ian G. Mills, Tapio Visakorpi
    Pages 187-200
  8. Alissa R. Verone, Hannelore V. Heemers
    Pages 257-271
  9. Laura E. Pascal, Zhou Wang
    Pages 273-283
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 341-348

About this book


Recent studies demonstrated a key role of the androgen receptor in the development of castration-recurrent or -resistant prostate cancer (CRPC), which is deadly and in urgent need of more effective therapies.  Understanding the functions of androgen-responsive genes and their regulation and deregulation in prostate cancer progression may lead to new approaches to prevent and treat prostate cancer patients. 

This book provides an up-to-date review of the overall androgen-responsive gene expression program and the regulation, function, and clinical relevance of both protein coding and non-coding androgen-responsive genes.  Experts in the field of androgen action and prostate cancer research discussed the importance of DNA elements, chromatin structure, cellular signaling, and cell-cell interactions in the regulation of androgen-responsive genes in the context of prostate cancer progression, including the development of CRPC.  This book is intended for individuals interested in cancer endocrinology and medical and healthcare professionals involved in prostate cancer research.


androgen action androgen receptor coregulators chromatin looping miR-21 prostate tumorigenesis

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