Advances in Assisted Reproductive Technologies

  • Editors
  • Shlomo Mashiach
  • Zion Ben-Rafael
  • Neri Laufer
  • Joseph G. Schenker

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Controversies in Induction of Ovulation

    1. Howard W. Jones Jr., Georgeanna S. Jones, Suheil J. Muasher, Debbie Jones
      Pages 1-15
    2. V. Insler, E. Lunenfeld, G. Potashnik, J. Levy
      Pages 31-38
    3. Bruno Lunenfeld
      Pages 39-45
  3. Aspects of Ovarian Stimulation in Medically Assisted Reproduction

    1. Torbjörn Hillensjö, Jan-Henrik Olsson, Lars Hamberger
      Pages 47-52
    2. H. M. Vemer, E. H. Houwink
      Pages 53-54
    3. Douglas Keeping
      Pages 55-63
    4. K. Diedrich, R. Schmutzler, Ch. Diedrich, H. van der Ven, S. Al-Hasani, D. Krebs
      Pages 65-75
    5. P. Devroey, C. Staessen, M. Camus, A. Wisanto, N. Bollen, P. Henderix et al.
      Pages 77-82
  4. Ovarian Physiology

    1. Takahide Mori, Kenji Takakura, Masatsune Fukuoka, Shunzo Taii, Keiko Yasuda
      Pages 93-101
    2. A. Tsafriri, D. Daphna-Iken, A. O. Abisogun, R. Reich
      Pages 103-112
    3. Y. Barak, P. F. Kraicer, M. Kostiner, Z. Nevo
      Pages 119-127
    4. M. Shemesh, R. Meiron, M. Zolti, Z. Ben-Rafael, D. R. Wollach
      Pages 129-137
    5. M. Zolti, R. Meirom, M. Shemesh, D. Wallach, S. Mashiach, Z. Ben-Rafael
      Pages 139-146
    6. R. Apa, T. Zreik, A. Lightman, A. Palumbo, T-K. Yoon, P. Andrade-Gordon et al.
      Pages 147-151
    7. Joseph Itskovitz, Jean E. Sealey
      Pages 153-168
  5. GnRH and GnRH Analogs: Basic Aspects

About this book


The World Congress of In Vitro Fertilization and Alternate Assisted Reproduction, held in Jerusalem, Israel, 2-7 April, 1989, was the sixth in the sequence of these Congresses, but was the first to emphasize the major importance and the place of assisted reproductive technologies in the treatment of infertility. The eternal City of Jerusalem witnessed the gathering of more than 1500 participants from allover the world who shared and exchanged knowledge and up-to-date experience in this ever-evolving field. The high quality scientific contributions to the Congress culminated in the publication of this Proceedings. It embraces all-important aspects in the field of in vitro fertilization and alternate assisted reproduction. Papers on controversies and diversities of methods to stimulate the ovaries, imaging techniques, basic research and state-of-the-art papers on ovarian physiology, the role of GnRH and its analog, clinical aspects of IVF treatment and cryopreservation, up-to-date techniques in assisted reproductive technologies that are quickly developing in conjunction with IVF, were included. When should IVF be preferable to surgery? What are the ex­ pected up-to-date world results and what are the psychological, moral, ethical and religious implications? These are all the concerns of the treating team and are addressed here. Male factor infertility remains a frustrating problem, but advances in the understanding of sperm-egg interaction, sperm evaluation and preparation are reported. Micromanipulation emerges as a possible alternative to bring some relief to this problem, but it also promises to be central in promoting the field of prenatal genetic analysis.


Calcium Hydra ethics infertility physiology ultrasound

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