Liver Cancer

  • M. A. Hayat

Part of the Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy and Prognosis book series (HAYAT, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xliv
  2. Liver Cancer

    1. A. Diagnosis

      1. Thomas Moser, Tereza S. Nogueira
        Pages 17-19
      2. Yuji Baba, Yasuyuki Yamashita, Kazuo Awai, Koichi Kawanaka
        Pages 33-43
  3. Resectable Liver Cancer

  4. Unresectable Liver Cancer

  5. Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    1. A. Diagnosis

      1. Byung Ihn Choi, Se Hyung Kim
        Pages 145-158
      2. Vincenzo Migaleddu, Giuseppe Virgilio
        Pages 159-181
      3. Hiromitsu Onishi, Takamichi Murakami, Hironobu Nakamura
        Pages 221-235
      4. Francesca Lodato, N. Davies, D. Yu, Andrew K. Burroughs
        Pages 261-273
    2. B. Treatment

    3. C. Prognosis

  6. Metastases

    1. A. Diagnosis

      1. Kevin C. Graham, Lauren A. Wirtzfeld, James C. Lacefield, Ann F. Chambers
        Pages 369-386
      2. Stéphanie Truant, Damien Huglo, François-René Pruvot
        Pages 387-406
  7. Biliary Cancer

    1. A. Diagnosis

      1. Yasuni Nakanuma, Hiroko Ikeda, Yasunori Sato, Kenichi Harada, Koichi Nakamura, Yoh Zen
        Pages 411-428
      2. Kazuo Inui, Hironao Miyoshi, Junji Yoshino
        Pages 429-437
    2. B. Prognosis

      1. Alexander I. Zaika, Seung-Mo Hong
        Pages 441-449
      2. Michiyo Higashi, Shugo Tamada, Kohji Nagata, Masamichi Goto, Suguru Yonezawa
        Pages 451-459
    3. C. Treatment

      1. Marcus Wiedmann, Joachim Mössner, Helmut Witzigmann
        Pages 463-483
  8. Splenic Cancer

    1. A. Diagnosis

      1. Eva Compérat, Frédéric Charlotte
        Pages 489-497
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 499-514

About this book


This fifth volume of the series, Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis, discusses in detail the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of Liver Cancer. Both standard and emerging therapies for this cancer, written by expert oncologists/pathologists in this field, are included.

This fully illustrated volume:

  • Is divided into 7 sections: Applications of Imaging, Resectable Liver Cancer, Unresectable Liver Cancer, Hepatocellular Cancer, Liver Colorectal Metastasis, Biliary Cancer, and Splenic Cancer.
  • Discusses imaging modalities for diagnosis, treatment assessment, and prognosis.
  • Includes descriptions of radial magnetic resonance imaging, helical computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, FDG-PET, contrast-enhanced sonography, multidetector-row computed tomography, and single photon emission computed tomography.
  • Presents imaging methods for localized fibrous tumors of the liver, abdominal neoplasms, cholangiocarcinoma, gall bladder carcinoma, hepatic cellular carcinoma, extrahepatic disease, intrahepatic disease, focal liver lesions, biliary cystic tumors, extra hepatic bile duct carcinoma, and splenic metastases.
  • Highlights methods for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with thalidomide and transarterial treatment of hepatic malignancies.
  • Discusses postoperative interferon alpha treatment of patients with HCC.
  • Details the methods of immunohistochemistry, tissue microarray, and proteomic analysis for diagnosis and prognosis.

The technological advances presented in this volume are expected to expedite new discoveries and their translation to clinical practice. The field of oncology will benefit the most from these advanced methods, as a combination of therapies and personalized medicine will improve early detection of liver cancer and other cancer types.

Professor Hayat has summarized the problems associated with the complexities of research publications and has been successful in editing a must-read volume for oncologists, cancer researchers, medical teachers and students of cancer biology.


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