Chemistry from First Principles

  • Jan C. A. Boeyens

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    Pages i-xvii
  2. A New Look at Old Theories

  3. Alternative Theory

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  4. Back Matter
    Pages 293-321

About this book


Chemistry from First Principles is written for any chemist who requires a fundamental understanding of the complexities of chemistry. It provides a clear interpretation of chemical theory from first principles.

This book examines the appearance of matter in its most primitive form, from the vacuum and the diversity that results from the fusion of elementary units in the genesis of atomic matter; considers the empirical rules of chemical affinity that regulate the synthesis and properties of molecular matter; analyzes the compatibility of the theories of chemistry with the quantum and relativity theories of physics; formulates a consistent theory, based on clear physical pictures and manageable mathematics, to account for chemical concepts such as the structure and stability of atoms and molecules, the periodicity of nuclides and elements, valence states, activation and chemical reactivity, electronegativity and general covalency, the exclusion principle, electronic energy, orbital angular momentum and spin in relation to molecular shape, torsional rigidity, chirality and molecular modeling; explains the self-similarity between space-time, nuclear structure, covalent assembly, biological growth, planetary systems and galactic conformation.

Chemistry from First Principles is an essential guide for students of chemistry who lack the knowledge in higher mathematics considered necessary to grasp the basic principles of chemical theory, teachers of chemistry who are forced to preach concepts which they poorly understand, and any scientist who is seeking a true understanding of chemistry through logical concepts.


Isomer classical mechanics electrons group theory isomerism modern quantum theory molecular mechanics molecular structure orbital hybridization physical chemistry quantum mechanics theory

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