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  2. Susan Mendus
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  3. Susan Mendus
    Pages 22-43
  4. Susan Mendus
    Pages 44-68
  5. Susan Mendus
    Pages 69-109
  6. Susan Mendus
    Pages 110-145
  7. Susan Mendus
    Pages 146-162
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About this book


Toleration is often held to be a central virtue of liberal societies, but the grounds on which it is held to be so are often confused and conflicting. This book aims to explain and assess the justifications of toleration offered by writers in the liberal tradition. Beginning with John Locke's Letter on Toleration and John Stuart Mill's essay On Liberty it discusses some seminal defences of toleration and then moves on to assess the adequacy of these accounts and the place of toleration in socialist theory.


John Locke liberty socialism

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