Manufacturing Strategy

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  • Terry Hill

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. International Comparisons

    1. Terry Hill
      Pages 1-17
  3. Developing a Manufacturing Strategy — Principles and Concepts

  4. Order-winners and Qualifiers

    1. Terry Hill
      Pages 50-87
  5. Developing a Manufacturing Strategy — Methodology

  6. Process Choice

    1. Terry Hill
      Pages 111-148
  7. Product Profiling

    1. Terry Hill
      Pages 149-161
  8. Focused Manufacturing — Principles and Concepts

  9. Focused Manufacturing — Methodology

    1. Terry Hill
      Pages 178-189
  10. Make or Buy and Managing the Supply Chain

  11. Manufacturing Infrastructure Development

    1. Terry Hill
      Pages 235-271
  12. Accounting, Finance and Manufacturing Strategy

  13. Case Studies

    1. Terry Hill
      Pages 303-316
    2. Terry Hill
      Pages 317-323
    3. Terry Hill
      Pages 324-333
    4. Terry Hill
      Pages 334-347
    5. Terry Hill
      Pages 348-363
    6. Terry Hill
      Pages 364-373
    7. Terry Hill
      Pages 374-391
    8. Terry Hill
      Pages 392-398

About this book


In this fully revised and updated edition of his successful text, Manufacturing Strategy Terry Hill shows that a strategic approach to manufacturing management is essential for the survival and prosperity of industrial companies. He has formulated an approach which will help companies to develop an understanding of the implications of the corporate marketing and finance decisions for their manufacturing processes and infrastructures.

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