Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

  • Editors
  • Carl A. K. Borrebaeck
  • James W. Larrick

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Carl A. K. Borrebaeck, Lena Danielsson, Mats Ohlin, Jonas Carlsson, Roland Carlsson
    Pages 1-15
  3. James W. Larrick, Jorge V. Gavilondo, Maria J. Coloma, Kirk E. Fry
    Pages 17-34
  4. Jenny M. Bator, Christopher L. Reading
    Pages 35-56
  5. Reiko F. Irie, Mepur H. Ravindranath
    Pages 75-94
  6. Karl Erik Hellström, Ingegerd Hellström
    Pages 95-108
  7. Barbara A. Parker, Samuel E. Halpern, Ivor Royston
    Pages 127-141
  8. Alton C. Morgan Jr., F. Taha Comezoglu, Ron Manger, Bruce B. Jarvis, Paul G. Abrams, Gowsala Sivam
    Pages 143-158
  9. Michael Steinitz, Sara Tamir, Jan-Erik Frödin, Håkan Mellstedt
    Pages 159-171
  10. Steven K. H. Foung, Peggy A. Bradshaw, David Emanuel
    Pages 173-185
  11. Yasuhiko Masuho, Yoh-Ichi Matsumoto, Tohru Sugano, Takami Tomiyama, Satoshi Sasaki, Tamotsu Koyama
    Pages 187-207
  12. Paul H. Ehrlich, Lars Östberg
    Pages 209-222
  13. Ada H. C. Kung, Elizabeth A. Saria, Nancy Wedel, Patrick W. Trown
    Pages 235-251
  14. Kenneth Gorelick, Patrick J. Scannon, John Hannigan, Nancy Wedel, Samuel K. Ackerman
    Pages 253-261
  15. Phillippe Rouger, D. Goossens
    Pages 263-286
  16. Peter Amlot, Salvatore Cammisuli
    Pages 287-302
  17. Cristina Glad, Inge Nilsson
    Pages 303-319
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 363-369

About this book


A review of therapeutic antibodies which have commercial potential. It discusses PCR cloning of Igs, immortalization by gene transfer, scale up production, infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, parisites, inflammation/immunology, blood grouping, cells, cytokines, tumours and MDR.


antibody bacteria blood cytokine diseases immunization immunology immunotherapy infectious infectious disease infectious diseases inflammation kinetics research vaccine

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