Dancing with Bigotry

Beyond the Politics of Tolerance

  • Editors
  • Donaldo Macedo
  • Lilia I. Bartolomé

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Donaldo Macedo, Lilia I. Bartolomé
    Pages 1-33
  3. Donaldo Macedo, Lilia I. Bartolomé
    Pages 34-78
  4. Donaldo Macedo, Lilia I. Bartolomé
    Pages 79-92
  5. Donaldo Macedo, Lilia I. Bartolomé
    Pages 93-117
  6. Donaldo Macedo, Lilia I. Bartolomé
    Pages 118-170
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 171-175

About this book


As the end of the century draws closer, one of the most pressing challenges facing educators in the United States is the specter of an 'ethnic and cultural war' - a code phrase that engenders our society's licentiousness toward racism. In Dancing With Bigotry, Macedo and Bartolomé use examples from the mass media, popular culture, and politics to illustrate the larger situations facing educators and how this type of argument is both ignored in much of the academic research and rhetoric. They also examine why it is essential to take on the sources of 'mass public education.' Academia needs to understand that the popular press and mass media educate more people about issues regarding ethnicity and race than all other sources of education available to U.S. citizens. By shunning the mass media, educators are missing the obvious - more public education is done by the media than by teachers, professors, or anyone else. Dancing with Bigotry sheds light on the ideological mechanisms that shape and maintain the racist social order, while moving the discussion beyond the reductionist binarism of White versus Black racism. Discussing social complexities, including ethnic cleansing, culture wars, hegemony, human sufferings, and intensified xenophobia, Macedo and Bartolomé explain why it is essential that we gain a nuanced understanding of how ideology underlies all social, cultural, and political discourse and actions. This book shows that it is imperative that we appreciate what it means to educate for critical citizenry in the ever-increasing multiracial and multicultural world of the twentieth century.


culture dialogue education gender ideology mass media media nature politics press race research rhetoric state teaching

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