New Developments and New Applications in Animal Cell Technology

Proceedings of the 15th ESACT Meeting

  • Editors
  • Otto-Wilhelm Merten
  • Pierre Perrin
  • Bryan Griffiths

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. Hyclone Lecture

    1. J. E. Bailey, E. Prati, J. Jean-Mairet, A. Sburlati, P. Umaña
      Pages 5-23
  3. Gene Expression

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 27-27
    2. K. Szabó, E. Bakos, E. Welker, A. Varadi, H. R. Goodfellow, C. F. Higgins et al.
      Pages 39-41
    3. P. Bird, E. Bolam, L. Castell, O. Obeid, N. Darton, G. Hale
      Pages 43-49
    4. A. J. Castillo, A. Fernandez, T. Boggiano, P. Pugeaud, I. W. Marison
      Pages 51-53
    5. U. Schlokat, A. Preininger, M. Himmelspach, G. Mohr, B. Fischer, F. Dorner
      Pages 69-76
    6. D. R. Lloyd, V. Leelavatcharamas, D. C. Edwards, A. N. Emery, M. Al-ubeai
      Pages 77-79
    7. S. Shirahata, S. Kabayama, K. Kusumoto, M. Gotoh, K. Teruya, K. Otsubo et al.
      Pages 93-96
    8. H. T. Kelly, K. Anderson, E. Hill, H. Grant, C. MacDonald
      Pages 97-99
    9. K. A. Partridge, A. Johannessen, A. Tauler, I. F. Pryme, J. E. Hesketh
      Pages 101-103
    10. E. -J. Schlaeger, J. Y. Legendre, A. Trzeciak, E. A. Kitas, K. Christensen, U. Deuschle et al.
      Pages 105-112
    11. E. -J. Schlaeger, K. Christensen, G. Schmid, N. Schaub, B. Wipf, A. Weiss
      Pages 113-116
    12. E. -J. Schlaeger, J. Y. Legendre, A. Trzeciak, E. A. Kitas, K. Christensen, U. Deuschle et al.
      Pages 117-120
    13. M. Jordan, C. L. Blanchard, I. Bernasconi, °I. Luescher, F. M. Wurm
      Pages 121-123
  4. Glycosylation

  5. Metabolic Engineering

  6. Cell Proliferation Proliferation Control Apoptosis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 195-195
    2. Jeffrey T. Mcgrew, Cheryl L. Richards, Pauline Smidt, Bradley Dell, Virginia Price
      Pages 205-207
    3. Peter P. Müller, Sabine Kirchhoff, Hansjérg Hauser
      Pages 209-214
    4. A. V. Carvalhal, J. L. Moreira, P. MÜller, H. Hauser, M. J. T. Carrondo
      Pages 215-217
    5. H. J. Cruz, J. L. Moreira, E. M. Dias, C. M. Peixoto, A. S. Ferreira, M. J. T. Carrondo
      Pages 219-221
    6. P. M. Alves, A. V. Carvalhal, J. L. Moreira, H. Santos, M. J. T. Carrondo
      Pages 223-225
    7. Nathalie Chatzisavido, Christel Fenge, Lena Häggström
      Pages 227-229
    8. R. P. Singh, D. Fassnacht, A. Perani, N. H. Simpson, C. Goldenzon, R. Pörtner et al.
      Pages 235-241
    9. D. Fassnacht, S. Rossing, F. Franěk, M. Al-Rubeai, R. Portner
      Pages 243-245
    10. Yon Hui Kim, Takehiko Iida, Edward V. Prochownik, Eiji Suzuki
      Pages 247-254

About this book


Animal cell technology is becoming an increasingly important part of biotechnology and many products are now used in human health care and for veterinary applications. However, there are many times more products actually in the developmental pipelines of the biotechnology industry, including various phases of clinical trials. The Proceedings of the 15th Meeting of the European Society for Animal Cell Technology (Tours, France, September 1997) presents the actual current state as well as New Developments and Applications in Animal Cell Technology for the benefit of society.
These Proceedings represent both the current state and applications of animal cell technology and the way the technology is expanding into new areas to give a unique insight into new products and applications for human and animal health care.


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