Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Zachary R. Laughrey, Bruce C. Gibb
    Pages 67-125
  3. Fabio Aricó, Jovica D. Badjic, Stuart J. Cantrill, Amar H. Flood, Ken C.-F. Leung, Yi Liu et al.
    Pages 203-259
  4. Christiane Dietrich-Buchecker, Benoît X. Colasson, Jean-Pierre Sauvage
    Pages 261-283
  5. Mercedes Crego-Calama, David N. Reinhoudt, Mattijs G. J. ten Cate
    Pages 285-316
  6. Andrew J. Hall, Marco Emgenbroich, Börje Sellergren
    Pages 317-349
  7. Back Matter

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chemistry hydrogen inorganic chemistry molecule nanostructures organic chemistry organic synthesis polymer polymers synthesis

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Overall this is an interesting book that should capture the attention of researchers working in the area of classical suprmolecular host-guest chemistry.

Eugene R. Zubarev, Rice University, JA0598356, J.AM.Chem.SOC., vol. 128, no.16, 2006