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Brain CT Scans in Clinical Practice


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About this book


Across emergency rooms worldwide, millions of patients are referred for brain CT scans on a daily basis. The skill required to determine an immediate life-threatening abnormality in a brain CT scan is a basic procedure and can be learnt in a short time by all emergency room physicians. Indeed the emergency head CT scan is comparable to an ECG in utility and most definitely as easy to learn.

Brain CT Scans in Clinical Practice is a handy book for easy reference, with hints and tips for physicians the world over and it takes away the myth surrounding the emergency CT brain scan. The books helps to empower Emergency Room physicians, helping them to serve their patients better. This publication will present and elucidate the basic, almost foolproof steps in the interpretation of emergency brain CT scan for frontline doctors, medical students, interns, emergency room physicians, and other health professionals.

Usikiami Igbaseimokumo MD, FRCS(SN): Consultant Neurosurgeon & Paediatric Neurosurgeon, Division of Neurosurgery, University Hospitals & Clinics, Columbia, MI, USA


Hydrocephalus brain computed tomography (CT) electrocardiogram (ECG) electrocardiogram (ECG) emergency Brain CT Scan head head injury infection stroke tumor

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