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Computer Systems

Theory, Technology, and Applications

  • Andrew Herbert
  • Karen Spärck Jones

Part of the Monographs in Computer Science book series (MCS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Rick Rashid
    Pages 1-7
  3. Ross Anderson, Michael Bond
    Pages 15-19
  4. Jean Bacon, Ken Moody
    Pages 21-28
  5. Andrew D. Birrell
    Pages 29-37
  6. Christopher M. Bishop
    Pages 39-49
  7. Mike Burrows
    Pages 51-57
  8. Luca Cardelli
    Pages 59-65
  9. David D. Clark
    Pages 67-72
  10. Jon Crowcroft
    Pages 73-76
  11. Dorothy E. Denning
    Pages 77-78
  12. Peter Denning
    Pages 79-83
  13. Li Gong
    Pages 89-91
  14. Jim Gray
    Pages 93-101
  15. David Hartley
    Pages 103-108
  16. Andrew Herbert
    Pages 109-116
  17. Tony Hoare
    Pages 117-123
  18. Andy Hopper
    Pages 125-131

About this book



Computer Systems:  Theory, Technology, and Applications

A Tribute to Roger Needham

Computer systems form the core of computing, as their combinations of hardware and software components function together to help program developers and end-users achieve goals of managing and accessing information in all its forms. Roger Needham, in a distinguished career at Cambridge University and Microsoft Research, was a pioneer of computer systems research and a noted innovator in the crucial area of system security.

Computer Systems: Theory, Technology, and Applications presents a comprehensive edited survey of all aspects of the subject, with original contributions by more than 40 international leaders in the field. The book assembles a collection of short articles showing the state-of-the-art in systems, from formal calculi to mobile devices, from operating systems to distributed computing and security—while also honoring Needham’s important contributions.

Among the topics addressed:

Access control, data integration, and their languages

Clumps, clusters, and classification

The economics of open systems

The Needham – Schroeder authentication protocol

Sentient computing

A technology transfer retrospective

Real time in a real operating system

Application-private networks

Technologies for portable computing

An authorization model for web services

Challenges for computing research

Protocol analysis, composability, and computation

This accessible monograph is an ideal overview of theoretical and empirical evolution in computer systems. It will serve as an invaluable resource for professionals, researchers, libraries, and students who are interested in broadening their knowledge of the entire field.


Computer Distributed computing Operating systems RSA calculus computer security distributed systems operating system security

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  • Andrew Herbert
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  • Karen Spärck Jones
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  1. 1.Microsoft Research Ltd.CambridgeUK
  2. 2.Computer LaboratoryUniversity of CambridgeCambridgeUK

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