Traceability in Chemical Measurement

  • Paul De Bièvre
  • Helmut Günzler

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Paul De Bièvre, Robert Kaarls, H. Steffen Peiser, Stanley D. Rasberry, William P. Reed
    Pages 1-11
  3. Paul. De Bièvre, Robert. Kaarls, H. Steffen. Peiser, Stanley. D. Rasberry, William. P. Reed
    Pages 12-23
  4. Paul De Bièvre, Robert Kaarls, H. Steffen Peiser, S. D. Rasberry, William P. Reed
    Pages 24-28
  5. Freddy Adams
    Pages 36-44
  6. M. Máriássy, L. Vyskočil, A. Mathiasová
    Pages 93-96
  7. Adolf Zschunke
    Pages 97-101
  8. Ilya Kuselman, Boris Anisimov, Irena Goldfeld
    Pages 105-108
  9. Andrew Wallard
    Pages 121-124
  10. Mathias M. Müller
    Pages 128-133
  11. Wolfgang Richter, Bernd Güttler
    Pages 141-146
  12. Mary M. Kimberly, Gary L. Myers, Randie R. Little
    Pages 160-165
  13. M. Buzoianu, Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein
    Pages 184-191
  14. Petra Spitzer
    Pages 206-211
  15. Ilona Šperlingová, Ludmila Dabrowská, Miloò Tichý, Jan Kučera
    Pages 222-225
  16. H. Steffen Peiser, Paul De Bièvre
    Pages 260-261
  17. Wolfhard Wegscheider
    Pages 262-263
  18. Ilya Kuselman, Alexander Weisman, Wolfhard Wegscheider
    Pages 269-271
  19. Gary Price
    Pages 275-276

About this book


Metrological traceability of chemical measurement results means the establishment of a relation to metrological stated references through an unbroken chain of comparisons. This volume collects 56 outstanding papers on the topic, mostly published in the period 2000-2003 in the journal "Accreditation and Quality Assurance". They provide the latest understanding, and possibly the rationale why it is important to integrate the concept of metrological traceability including suitable measurement standards such as certified reference materials, into the standard measurement procedures of every analytical laboratory. In addition, this anthology considers the benefits to both the analytical laboratory and the user of the measurement results.


Analytical Chemistry DIN EN ISO IEC 17025 ISO 9000 accreditation analytische chemie certification klassifizierung quality qualität

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