Vertigo and Dizziness

Common Complaints

  • Thomas Brandt
  • Marianne Dieterich
  • Michael Strupp

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After headache, vertigo and dizziness is the second most common complaint of patients. Vertigo is not a disease entity, but rather an unspecific syndrome consisting of various disorders with different causes. Most syndromes of vertigo can only be correctly diagnosed by means of a careful medical history and physical examination of the patient. The majority of these cases have a benign cause, a favorable natural course, and a positive response to therapy.

This short and concise, clinically-oriented book is for physicians of different specializations who treat patients with vertigo including neurologists and ENT specialists. Easy-to-use, it has an overview of the most important syndromes of vertigo, each with explanatory clinical descriptions and illustrations.

Target market: Physicians of different specializations who treat patients with vertigo including neurologists, neurootologic specialists, neuroophthalmology, otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, ophthalmology and ENT specialists, and general medicine practitioners.


brainstem diagnosis head and neck surgery magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) medicine migraine neurology nystagmus otolaryngology physiology therapy tomography trauma treatment vertigo

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