Auditory Signal Processing

Physiology, Psychoacoustics, and Models

  • Daniel Pressnitzer
  • Alain de Cheveigné
  • Stephen McAdams
  • Lionel Collet
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Cochlear signal processing

    1. Marcel van der Heijden, Philip X. Joris
      Pages 7-13
    2. Alberto Lopez-Najera, Ray Meddis, Enrique A. Lopez-Poveda
      Pages 14-20
    3. Roy D. Patterson, Masashi Unoki, Toshio Irino
      Pages 21-29
    4. Mary Florentine, Søren Buus, Mindy Rosenberg
      Pages 30-39
    5. Michael G. Heinz, Danilo Scepanovic, John Issa, Murray B. Sachs, Eric D. Young
      Pages 40-49
    6. Stephen T. Neely, Kim S. Schairer, Walt Jesteadt
      Pages 50-59
    7. Christopher J. Plack, Catherine G. O’Hanlon, Vit Drga
      Pages 60-66
    8. Magdalena Wojtczak, Neal F. Viemeister
      Pages 67-74
  3. Brainstem signal processing

  4. Pitch

    1. Leonardo Cedolin, Bertrand Delgutte
      Pages 107-116
    2. Andrew J. Oxenham, Joshua G. Bernstein, Christophe Micheyl
      Pages 126-135
    3. Laurent Demany, Gaspard Montandon, Catherine Semal
      Pages 136-144
    4. André Rupp, Stefan Uppenkamp, Jen Bailes, Alexander Gutschalk, Roy D. Patterson
      Pages 145-153
    5. Bernd Lütkenhöner, Christian Borgmann, Katrin Krumbholz, Stefan Seither, Annemarie Seither-Preisler
      Pages 154-161
  5. Frequency modulation

    1. Günter Ehret, Steffen R. Hage, Marina Egorova, Birgit A. Müller
      Pages 162-168
    2. Craig Atencio, Fabrizio Strata, David Blake, Ben Bonham, Benoit Godey, Michael Merzenich et al.
      Pages 169-175
    3. Leonardo Cedolin, Bertrand Delgutte
      Pages 185-194
  6. Streaming

    1. Christophe Micheyl, Robert P. Carlyon, Rhodri Cusack, Brian C.J. Moore
      Pages 202-210
    2. Nicolas Grimault, Sid P Bacon, Christophe Micheyl
      Pages 211-219
  7. Amplitude modulation

    1. Neal F. Viemeister, Mark A. Stellmack, Andrew J. Byrne
      Pages 220-228
    2. Frederick Gallun, Ervin R. Hafter, Anne-Marie Bonnel
      Pages 236-242
    3. Stanley Sheft, William A. Yost
      Pages 243-249
  8. Responses to complex sounds

    1. Israel Nelken, Nachum Ulanovsky, Liora Las, Omer Bar-Yosef, Michael Anderson, Gal Chechik et al.
      Pages 264-273
  9. Speech

    1. Fan-Gang Zeng, Kaibao Nie, Ginger Stickney, Ying-Yee Kong
      Pages 282-290
    2. Steven J. Eliades, Xiaoqin Wang
      Pages 291-297
    3. Ingrid Johnsrude, Matt Davis, Alexis Hervais-Adelman
      Pages 298-305
  10. Comodulation masking release

    1. Ian M. Winter, Veronika Neuert, Jesko L. Verhey
      Pages 320-326
    2. Torsten Dau, Stephan D. Ewert, Andrew J. Oxenham
      Pages 334-342
  11. Binaural hearing

About these proceedings


The result of extensive collaboration among leaders of the worldwide auditory research community, Auditory Signal Processing: Physiology, Psychoacoustics, and Models is a record of the papers presented at the XIIIth International Symposium on Hearing (ISH) Dourdan, France, August 24 - 29, 2003. The volume includes a total of 62 invited papers, organized into 12 broad thematic areas: cochlear signal processing; brainstem signal processing; pitch; frequency modulation; streaming; amplitude modulation; responses to complex sounds; speech; comodulation masking release; binaural hearing; temporal coding; and plasticity.


acoustics brainstem coding hearing physiology psychoacoustics signal processing speech

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