Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling, and Simulation

5th International Workshop, SAMOS 2005, Samos, Greece, July 18-20, 2005. Proceedings

  • Timo D. Hämäläinen
  • Andy D. Pimentel
  • Jarmo Takala
  • Stamatis Vassiliadis
Conference proceedings SAMOS 2005

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3553)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Keynote

  3. Reconfigurable System Design and Implementations

    1. Elena Moscu Panainte, Koen Bertels, Stamatis Vassiliadis
      Pages 2-11
    2. M. Glesner, H. Hinkelmann, T. Hollstein, L. S. Indrusiak, T. Murgan, A. M. Obeid et al.
      Pages 12-21
    3. Humberto Calderon, Stamatis Vassiliadis
      Pages 22-31
    4. Guillermo Payá Vayá, Javier Martín Langerwerf, Peter Pirsch
      Pages 32-40
    5. Ricardo Ferreira, João M. P. Cardoso, Andre Toledo, Horácio C. Neto
      Pages 41-50
    6. Holger Ruckdeschel, Hritam Dutta, Frank Hannig, Jürgen Teich
      Pages 51-61
    7. J. P. Robelly, A. Lehmann, G. Fettweis
      Pages 62-71
    8. Guy Gogniat, Wayne Burleson, Lilian Bossuet
      Pages 72-81
    9. Mihai Lucian Cristea, Claudiu Zissulescu, Ed Deprettere, Herbert Bos
      Pages 82-92
  4. Processor Architectures, Design and Simulation

    1. Georgi N. Gaydadjiev, Stamatis Vassiliadis
      Pages 93-102
    2. Cheol Hong Kim, Sunghoon Shim, Jong Wook Kwak, Sung Woo Chung, Chu Shik Jhon
      Pages 103-111
    3. Yiyu Tan, Chihang Yau, Kaiman Lo, Paklun Mok, Anthony S. Fong
      Pages 112-121
    4. Tomi Westerlund, Juha Plosila
      Pages 122-131
    5. Jani Paakkulainen, Seppo Virtanen, Jouni Isoaho
      Pages 132-141
    6. Mihai Sima, John Glossner, Daniel Iancu, Hua Ye, Andrei Iancu, A. Joseph Hoane
      Pages 152-161
    7. Sunghoon Shim, Jong Wook Kwak, Cheol Hong Kim, Sung Tae Jhang, Chu Shik Jhon
      Pages 162-171
    8. Dinesh C. Suresh, Walid A. Najjar, Jun Yang
      Pages 182-191
    9. Lucanus J. Simonson, Lei He
      Pages 192-201
    10. Frederik Vandeputte, Lieven Eeckhout, Koen De Bosschere
      Pages 202-211
    11. Teemu Pitkänen, Tommi Rantanen, Andrea Cilio, Jarmo Takala
      Pages 212-221
    12. Stefan Farfeleder, Andreas Krall, Nigel Horspool
      Pages 222-231
    13. Marcel Beemster, Hans van Someren, Liam Fitzpatrick, Ruben van Royen
      Pages 232-241
    14. Dan Zhang, Zeng-Zhi Li, Hong Song, Long Liu
      Pages 251-261
    15. Leonardo Taglietti, Jose O. Carlomagno Filho, Daniel C. Casarotto, Olinto J. V. Furtado, Luiz C. V. dos Santos
      Pages 262-268
    16. John Glossner, Sean Dorward, Sanjay Jinturkar, Mayan Moudgill, Erdem Hokenek, Michael Schulte et al.
      Pages 269-278
  5. Architectures and Implementations

    1. SungHwan Lee, Jongsu Yi, JunSeong Kim
      Pages 299-307
    2. Sangduck Park, Hyunjin Lim, Hoseok Chang, Wonyong Sung
      Pages 314-323
    3. David Guevorkian, Petri Liuha, Aki Launiainen, Konsta Punkka, Ville Lappalainen
      Pages 324-333
    4. Chunhui Zhang, Yun Long, Fadi Kurdahi
      Pages 334-343
    5. Erno Salminen, Tero Kangas, Jouni Riihimäki, Vesa Lahtinen, Kimmo Kuusilinna, Timo D. Hämäläinen
      Pages 354-363
    6. Kyriakos Stavrou, Paraskevas Evripidou, Pedro Trancoso
      Pages 364-373
  6. System Level Design, Modeling and Simulation

    1. H. Blume, T. von Sydow, D. Becker, T. G. Noll
      Pages 374-383
    2. Mauri Kuorilehto, Mikko Kohvakka, Marko Hännikäinen, Timo D. Hämäläinen
      Pages 384-393
    3. Maziar Goudarzi, Shaahin Hessabi
      Pages 394-403
    4. Petri Kukkala, Marko Hännikäinen, Timo D. Hämäläinen
      Pages 404-413
    5. J. McAllister, R. Woods, D. Reilly, S. Fischaber, R. Hasson
      Pages 414-423
    6. P. Bomel, N. Abdelli, E. Martin, A. -M. Fouilliart, E. Boutillon, P. Kajfasz
      Pages 424-433
    7. Sören Sonntag, Matthias Gries, Christian Sauer
      Pages 434-444
    8. Marijn Temmerman, Edgar G. Daylight, Francky Catthoor, Serge Demeyer, Tom Dhaene
      Pages 445-454

About these proceedings


The SAMOS workshop is an international gathering of highly quali?ed researchers from academia and industry, sharing in a 3-day lively discussion on the quiet and - spiring northern mountainside of the Mediterranean island of Samos. As a tradition, the workshop features workshop presentations in the morning, while after lunch all kinds of informal discussions and nut-cracking gatherings take place. The workshop is unique in the sense that not only solved research problems are presented and discussed but also (partly) unsolved problems and in-depth topical reviews can be unleashed in the sci- ti?c arena. Consequently, the workshop provides the participants with an environment where collaboration rather than competition is fostered. The earlier workshops, SAMOS I–IV (2001–2004), were composed only of invited presentations. Due to increasing expressions of interest in the workshop, the Program Committee of SAMOS V decided to open the workshop for all submissions. As a result the SAMOS workshop gained an immediate popularity; a total of 114 submitted papers were received for evaluation. The papers came from 24 countries and regions: Austria (1), Belgium (2), Brazil (5), Canada (4), China (12), Cyprus (2), Czech Republic (1), Finland (15), France (6), Germany (8), Greece (5), Hong Kong (2), India (2), Iran (1), Korea (24), The Netherlands (7), Pakistan (1), Poland (2), Spain (2), Sweden (2), T- wan (1), Turkey (2), UK (2), and USA (5). We are grateful to all of the authors who submitted papers to the workshop.


Assembler Embedded System System WLAN architecture computer architecture embedded systems network on chip (NoC) optimization processor design reconfigurable architectures security simulation system on chip (SoC) systems

Editors and affiliations

  • Timo D. Hämäläinen
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  • Andy D. Pimentel
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  • Jarmo Takala
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  • Stamatis Vassiliadis
    • 4
  1. 1.Department of Computer SystemsTampere University of TechnologyTampereFinland
  2. 2.Computer Systems Architecture GroupUniversity of AmsterdamThe Netherlands
  3. 3.Tampere University of TechnologyTampereFinland
  4. 4.Computer Engineering LabTUDelft.DelftThe Netherlands

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