Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering

    1. Juryon Paik, Dongho Won, Farshad Fotouhi, Ung Mo Kim
      Pages 1-8
    2. Mehul Bhatt, Wenny Rahayu, Gerald Sterling
      Pages 9-16
    3. Wenhui Li, Haibin Sun
      Pages 17-24
    4. Hsing-Kuo Pao, Shou-Chih Chang, Yuh-Jye Lee
      Pages 32-39
    5. Xin Wang, Ata Kabán
      Pages 40-47
    6. Xiaobing Pei, Yuanzhen Wang
      Pages 48-55
    7. Atul Sajjanhar, Guojun Lu, Dengsheng Zhang, Tian Qi
      Pages 56-62
    8. Yong Yang, Feng Zhang, Chongxun Zheng, Pan Lin
      Pages 71-77
    9. Xiangdong Zhou, Jianye Ye, Lian Chen, Liang Zhang, Baile Shi
      Pages 86-93
    10. Jaeyoung Yang, Jinbeom Kang, Joongmin Choi
      Pages 94-101
    11. Yu-Seop Kim, Woo-Jin Cho, Jae-Young Lee, Yu-Jin Oh
      Pages 102-108
    12. Idowu O. Adewale, Reda Alhajj
      Pages 117-124
    13. Silvia S. C. Botelho, Willian Lautenschlger, Matheus Bacelo de Figueiredo, Tania Mezzadri Centeno, Mauricio M. Mata
      Pages 125-132
    14. Yongguang Bao, Eisuke Tsuchiya, Naohiro Ishii, Xiaoyong Du
      Pages 133-140
    15. Zhuoming Li, Yu Zhang, Qinyu Zhang, Masatake Akutagawa, Hirofumi Nagashino, Fumio Shichijo et al.
      Pages 171-178
  3. Learning Algorithms and Systems

    1. Matthew Lilley, Marcus Frean
      Pages 195-202
    2. Zheng Rong Yang
      Pages 211-219
    3. Sho Nariai, Kin-Ping Hui, Dirk P. Kroese
      Pages 228-233
    4. Petra Povalej, Mitja Lenič, Peter Kokol
      Pages 242-249
    5. Qingbo Yin, Liran Shen, Rubo Zhang, Xueyao Li
      Pages 258-263
    6. José A. Olvera-López, J. Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa, José Fco. Martínez-Trinidad
      Pages 280-285
    7. Narongdech Keeratipranon, Frederic Maire
      Pages 286-293
    8. Mohsin Ali, Xue Li, Zhao Yang Dong
      Pages 294-301
    9. Richard Bean, Geoff McLachlan
      Pages 302-310
    10. Carla S. Möller-Levet, Hujun Yin
      Pages 319-326
    11. Peter Tiňo, Igor Farkaš, Jort van Mourik
      Pages 327-334
    12. Miguel Á. Carreira-Perpiñán, Peter Dayan, Geoffrey J. Goodhill
      Pages 335-342
    13. Alexander Campbell, Erik Berglund, Alexander Streit
      Pages 343-350
    14. Xiaoyang Tan, Jun Liu, Songcan Chen, Fuyan Zhang
      Pages 351-358
    15. Hyoung-joo Lee, Sungzoon Cho
      Pages 359-366
  4. Bioinformatics

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