Information Processing in Medical Imaging

19th International Conference, IPMI 2005, Glenwood Springs, CO, USA, July 10-15, 2005. Proceedings

  • Gary E. Christensen
  • Milan Sonka
Conference proceedings IPMI 2005

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3565)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Shape and Population Modeling

    1. Carole J. Twining, Tim Cootes, Stephen Marsland, Vladimir Petrovic, Roy Schestowitz, Chris J. Taylor
      Pages 1-14
    2. Timothy B. Terriberry, Sarang C. Joshi, Guido Gerig
      Pages 15-26
    3. Pierre Fillard, Vincent Arsigny, Xavier Pennec, Paul M. Thompson, Nicholas Ayache
      Pages 27-38
    4. Eric R. Cosman, William M. Wells-III
      Pages 39-51
  3. Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Functional Magnetic Resonance

    1. M. Perrin, C. Poupon, Y. Cointepas, B. Rieul, N. Golestani, C. Pallier et al.
      Pages 52-63
  4. Segmentation and Filtering

    1. Zhong Xue, Dinggang Shen, Christos Davatzikos
      Pages 101-113
    2. Reinhard Beichel, Horst Bischof, Franz Leberl, Milan Sonka
      Pages 114-125
    3. Chen Xiaohua, Michael Brady, Jonathan Lok-Chuen Lo, Niall Moore
      Pages 126-137
    4. Rashindra Manniesing, Wiro Niessen
      Pages 138-149
  5. Poster Session 1

    1. T. Rohlfing, A. Pfefferbaum, E. V. Sullivan, C. R. Maurer
      Pages 150-161
    2. R. Narayanan, J. A. Fessler, H. Park, C. R. Meyer
      Pages 174-185
    3. Anand A. Joshi, David W. Shattuck, Paul M. Thompson, Richard M. Leahy
      Pages 186-196
    4. Huafeng Liu, Yi Tian, Pengcheng Shi
      Pages 197-209
    5. Quentin Williams, J. Alison Noble, Alexander Ehlgen, Harald Becher
      Pages 222-233
    6. Y. Chen, W. Guo, Q. Zeng, X. Yan, M. Rao, Y. Liu
      Pages 246-257
    7. Nico Karssemeijer, Peter R. Snoeren, Wei Zhang
      Pages 258-269
    8. Mamatha Rudrapatna, Van Mai, Arcot Sowmya, Peter Wilson
      Pages 270-285
    9. Lisa Jonasson, Patric Hagmann, Xavier Bresson, Jean-Philippe Thiran, Van J. Wedeen
      Pages 311-320
    10. A. Suinesiaputra, A. F. Frangi, H. J. Lamb, J. H. C. Reiber, B. P. F. Lelieveldt
      Pages 321-332
    11. Cybèle Ciofolo, Christian Barillot
      Pages 333-344
    12. Andrew Litvin, William C. Karl
      Pages 345-356
    13. Hackjoon Shim, Il Dong Yun, Kyoung Mu Lee, Sang Uk Lee
      Pages 357-368
    14. Small Animal Imaging

      1. Xenophon Papademetris, Pavel Shkarin, Lawrence H. Staib, Kevin L. Behar
        Pages 369-380
    15. Surfaces and Segmentation

      1. Marc Vaillant, Joan Glaunès
        Pages 381-392
      2. Florent Ségonne, Eric Grimson, Bruce Fischl
        Pages 393-405
      3. Kang Li, Steven Millington, Xiaodong Wu, Danny Z. Chen, Milan Sonka
        Pages 406-417
    16. Applications

      1. Arnaud Charnoz, Vincent Agnus, Grégoire Malandain, Stéphane Nicolau, Mohamed Tajine, Luc Soler
        Pages 443-455
    17. Image Registration

      1. Anne Cuzol, Pierre Hellier, Etienne Mémin
        Pages 456-467
      2. Xiujuan Geng, Dinesh Kumar, Gary E. Christensen
        Pages 468-479
      3. Alex Leow, Sung-Cheng Huang, Alex Geng, James Becker, Simon Davis, Arthur Toga et al.
        Pages 493-503
  6. Poster Session 2

    1. Bing Jian, Baba C. Vemuri, José L. Marroquin
      Pages 504-515
    2. Mallika Sridhar, Michael F. Insana
      Pages 516-528
    3. M. Sabry Hassouna, A. A. Farag
      Pages 529-540
    4. Shantanu H. Joshi, Anuj Srivastava, Washington Mio
      Pages 541-552
    5. W. Sun, M. Çetin, R. Chan, V. Reddy, G. Holmvang, V. Chandar et al.
      Pages 553-565
    6. Tobias Heimann, Ivo Wolf, Tomos Williams, Hans-Peter Meinzer
      Pages 566-577
    7. Thomas H. Wenckebach, Hans Lamecker, Hans-Christian Hege
      Pages 578-590
    8. Christophe Lenglet, Mikaël Rousson, Rachid Deriche, Olivier Faugeras, Stéphane Lehericy, Kamil Ugurbil
      Pages 591-602

About these proceedings


The nineteenth biennial International Conference on Information Processing in Medical Imaging (IPMI) was held July 11–15, 2005 in Glenwood Springs, CO, USA on the Spring Valley campus of the Colorado Mountain College. Following the successful meeting in beautiful Ambleside in England, this year’s conference addressed important recent developments in a broad range of topics related to the acquisition, analysis and application of biomedical images. Interest in IPMI has been steadily growing over the last decade. This is p- tially due to the increased number of researchers entering the ?eld of medical imagingasaresultoftheWhitakerFoundationandtherecentlyformedNational Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering. This year, there were 245 full manuscripts submitted to the conference which was twice the number s- mitted in 2003 and almost four times the number of submissions in 2001. Of these papers, 27 were accepted as oral presentations, and 36 excellent subm- sions that could not be accommodated as oral presentations were presented as posters. Selection of the papers for presentation was a di?cult task as we were unable to accommodate many of the excellent papers submitted this year. All accepted manuscripts were allocated 12 pages in these proceedings.


Active Appearance Model Active Shape Model Interpolation brain imaging computed tomography (CT) fmri analysis image analysis magnetic resonance imaging medical image computing medical image registration medical image sequences medical imaging mri radiology tissue

Editors and affiliations

  • Gary E. Christensen
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  • Milan Sonka
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  1. 1.Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringThe University of IowaIowa City
  2. 2.Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of IowaIowa CityUSA

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