Multiple Classifier Systems

6th International Workshop, MCS 2005, Seaside, CA, USA, June 13-15, 2005. Proceedings

  • Nikunj C. Oza
  • Robi Polikar
  • Josef Kittler
  • Fabio Roli
Conference proceedings MCS 2005

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3541)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Future Directions

  3. Boosting

    1. Fei Wang, Changshui Zhang, Naijiang Lu
      Pages 12-21
    2. D. B. Redpath, K. Lebart
      Pages 32-41
  4. Combination Methods

    1. R. S. Smith, T. Windeatt
      Pages 53-63
    2. Ofer Melnik, Yehuda Vardi, Cun-Hui Zhang
      Pages 64-73
    3. Ashish Kapoor, Hyungil Ahn, Rosalind W. Picard
      Pages 86-96
    4. E. Kim, J. Ko
      Pages 97-107
    5. Elizabeth Tapia, Esteban Serra, José Carlos González
      Pages 108-117
    6. Christian Thiel, Friedhelm Schwenker, Günther Palm
      Pages 118-127
    7. R. Patenall, D. Windridge, J. Kittler
      Pages 128-135
    8. Pavel Paclík, Thomas C. W. Landgrebe, David M. J. Tax, Robert P. W. Duin
      Pages 136-146
    9. Sergey Tulyakov, Venu Govindaraju
      Pages 147-155
  5. Design Methods

    1. Hansheng Lei, Venu Govindaraju
      Pages 156-164
    2. Marina Skurichina, Robert P. W. Duin
      Pages 165-175
    3. Kyosuke Nishida, Koichiro Yamauchi, Takashi Omori
      Pages 176-185
    4. Mordechai Gal-Or, Jerrold H. May, William E. Spangler
      Pages 186-195
    5. Robert E. Banfield, Lawrence O. Hall, Kevin W. Bowyer, W. Philip Kegelmeyer
      Pages 196-205
    6. Thomas Landgrebe, Pavel Paclík, David M. J. Tax, Robert P. W. Duin
      Pages 206-215
    7. Lei Chen, Mohamed S. Kamel
      Pages 216-225
    8. Andreas Heß, Rinat Khoussainov, Nicholas Kushmerick
      Pages 226-235
    9. Hanan G. Ayad, Mohamed S. Kamel
      Pages 236-245
    10. Zeki Erdem, Robi Polikar, Fikret Gurgen, Nejat Yumusak
      Pages 246-256
  6. Performance Analysis

    1. Li-ying Yang, Zheng Qin
      Pages 257-266
    2. Kai-Bo Duan, S. Sathiya Keerthi
      Pages 278-285
    3. Rozita A. Dara, Masoud Makrehchi, Mohamed S. Kamel
      Pages 306-315
    4. Michael Muhlbaier, Apostolos Topalis, Robi Polikar
      Pages 326-335
  7. Applications

    1. Erinija Pranckeviciene, Richard Baumgartner, Ray Somorjai
      Pages 336-345
    2. Julian Fierrez-Aguilar, Daniel Garcia-Romero, Javier Ortega-Garcia, Joaquin Gonzalez-Rodriguez
      Pages 356-365
    3. H. Erdoğan, A. Erçil, H. K. Ekenel, S. Y. Bilgin, İ. Eden, M. Kirişçi et al.
      Pages 366-375
    4. Piero Bonissone, Neil Eklund, Kai Goebel
      Pages 376-386
    5. Samuel Chindaro, Konstantinos Sirlantzis, Michael Fairhurst
      Pages 387-396
    6. M. De Santo, G. Percannella, C. Sansone, M. Vento
      Pages 397-406
    7. Nitesh V. Chawla, Kevin W. Bowyer
      Pages 407-416
  8. Back Matter

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  • Robi Polikar
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  • Josef Kittler
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  • Fabio Roli
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  2. 2.Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition LaboratoryElectrical and Computer Engineering, Rowan UniversityGlassboroUSA
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