Principles and Applications of NanoMEMS Physics

  • Héctor J. De Los Santos

Part of the Microsystems book series (MICT, volume 15)

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Principles and Applications of NanoMEMS Physics presents the first unified exposition of the physical principles at the heart of NanoMEMS-based devices and applications. In particular, after beginning with a comprehensive presentation of the fundamentals and limitations of nanotechnology and MEMS fabrication techniques, the book addresses the physics germane to this dimensional regime, namely, quantum wave-particle phenomena, including, the manifestation of charge discreteness, quantized electrostatic actuation, and the Casimir effect, and quantum wave phenomena, including, quantized electrical conductance, quantum interference, Luttinger liquids, quantum entanglement, superconductivity and cavity quantum electrodynamics. Potential building blocks are also addressed for NanoMEMS applications, including, nanoelectromechanical quantum circuits and systems such as charge detectors, the which-path electron interferometer, and the Casimir oscillator, as well as a number of quantum computing implementation paradigms. Finally, NanoMEMS applications in photonics are addressed, including nanophotonic light sources and plasmonic devices.


MEMS/NEMS Nanoelectronics Nanophotonics Nanotechnology Potential Quantum Mechanics electrodynamics photonics

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