Vascular Surgery


Part of the Springer Specialist Surgery Series book series (SPECIALIST)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Paul B. Kreienberg, R. Clement Darling III, F.G.R. Fowkes
    Pages 1-8
  3. Colleen M. Brophy
    Pages 19-23
  4. Steven M. Thomas, Kong T. Tan, Mark F. Fillinger
    Pages 25-38
  5. Vivienne J. Halpern, Frank C.T. Smith
    Pages 39-51
  6. Jill J.F. Belch, Andrew H. Muir
    Pages 53-64
  7. Jamal J. Hoballah, Farid Moulla
    Pages 65-72
  8. Jonathan R.B. Hutt, Alun H. Davies
    Pages 73-90
  9. Rajabrata Sarkar, Alun H. Davies
    Pages 91-104
  10. Kathleen J. Ozsvath, R. Clement Darling III, Laila Tabatabai, Sacha Hamdani, Alun H. Davies, Meryl Davis
    Pages 125-132
  11. Jeremy S. Crane, Nicholas J.W. Cheshire, Gilbert R. Upchurch Jr
    Pages 133-140
  12. David C. Mitchell, C. Keith Ozaki
    Pages 141-148
  13. Christopher J. Kwolek, Alun H. Davies
    Pages 149-154
  14. A. Ross Naylor, Peter H. Lin, Elliot L. Chaikof
    Pages 155-180
  15. Eva M. Rzucidlo, A. Ross Naylor
    Pages 181-190
  16. Philip Davey, Michael G. Wyatt
    Pages 191-219
  17. Sherry D. Scovell
    Pages 221-229
  18. George Geroulakos, Peter A. Robless, William L. Smead
    Pages 231-236
  19. Steven M. Thomas, Kong T. Tan, Mark F. Fillinger
    Pages 237-252
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 253-266

About this book


Vascular Surgery is an essential aid for those who need a practical understanding of the procedure when preparing for surgery examinations.

Edited by prominent vascular surgeons in the USA and UK, the book tackles the epidemiology and etiology of atherosclerosis and how to evaluate patients with vascular disease. Specific vascular diseases are then covered and their treatment options discussed. Vascular Surgery adopts a transatlantic approach so that chapters are written either by a practitioner in the USA or UK, and each chapter is critically appraised by a colleague who provides a potentially alternative perspective.

This book is key reading for trainees in vascular surgery, as well as for surgery trainees in general. It would also be useful to those who have already qualified but might need further knowledge of this important field.


Surgery anesthesia aneurysm atherosclerosis hypertension trauma vascular disease vascular surgery

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