Communicating Sequential Processes. The First 25 Years

Symposium on the Occasion of 25 Years of CSP, London, UK, July 7-8, 2004. Revised Invited Papers

  • Ali E. Abdallah
  • Cliff B. Jones
  • Jeff W. Sanders

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3525)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Semantic Foundations

    1. Stephen Brookes
      Pages 1-14
    2. A. W. Roscoe
      Pages 15-35
  3. Refinement and Simulation

    1. Tony Hoare
      Pages 36-60
    2. He Jifeng
      Pages 61-74
  4. Hardware Synthesis

    1. David May
      Pages 75-84
    2. Mark B. Josephs
      Pages 85-97
    3. Ad Peeters
      Pages 98-132
  5. Transactions

    1. Michael Butler, Tony Hoare, Carla Ferreira
      Pages 133-150
  6. Concurrent Programming

    1. Peter H. Welch, Frederick R. M. Barnes
      Pages 175-210
    2. Jeff Magee, Jeff Kramer
      Pages 211-219
  7. Linking Theories

  8. Security

    1. Steve Schneider, Rob Delicata
      Pages 243-263
  9. Automated Development and Model Checking

    1. Michael Goldsmith
      Pages 265-274
    2. Ranko Lazić, Tom Newcomb, A. W. Roscoe
      Pages 275-291
  10. Industrial Strength CSP

  11. Back Matter

About this book


This volume, like the symposium CSP25 which gave rise to it, commemorates the semi-jubilee of Communicating Sequential Processes. 1 Tony Hoare’s paper “Communicating Sequential Processes” is today widely regarded as one of the most in?uential papers in computer science. To comm- orate it, an event was organized under the auspices of BCS-FACS (the British Computer Society’s Formal Aspects of Computing Science specialist group). CSP25 was one of a series of such events organized to highlight the use of formal methods, emphasize their relevance to modern computing and promote their wider application. BCS-FACS is proud that Tony Hoare presented his original ideas on CSP at one of its ?rst meetings, in 1978. The two-day event, 7–8 July 2004, was hosted by London South Bank U- versity’s Institute for Computing Research, Faculty of Business, Computing and Information Management. The intention was to celebrate, re?ect upon and look beyondthe?rstquarter-centuryofCSP’scontributionstocomputerscience. The meeting examined the impact of CSP on many areas stretching from semantics (mathematical models for understanding concurrency and communications) and logic(forreasoningaboutbehavior),throughthedesignofparallelprogramming languages (i/o, parallelism, synchronization and threads) to applications va- ing from distributed software and parallel computing to information security, Web services and concurrent hardware circuits. It included a panel discussion with panelists Brookes, Hoare, de Roever and Roscoe (chaired by Je? Sanders), poster presentations by PhD students and others, featured a ?re alarm (requ- ing evacuation in the rain!) and concluded with the presentation of a fountain pen to Prof. Sir C. A. R. Hoare.


CSP communicating sequential processes concurrency concurrent programming concurrent systems data flow formal method formal methods logic model checking process algebra program semantics programming programming language semantics

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  • Ali E. Abdallah
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  • Cliff B. Jones
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  • Jeff W. Sanders
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  1. 1.Faculty of BCIM, Institute for Computing ResearchLondon South Bank UniversityLondonUK
  2. 2.School of Computing ScienceNewcastle UniversityUK
  3. 3.International Institute for Software TechnologyUnited Nations UniversityMacao

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