Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. D. McCammon
    Pages 35-62
  3. K.D. Irwin, G.C. Hilton
    Pages 63-150
  4. A. Fleischmann, C. Enss, G.M. Seidel
    Pages 151-216
  5. P. Lerch, A. Zehnder
    Pages 217-266
  6. D.E. Newbury, K.D. Irwin, G.C. Hilton, D.A. Wollman, J.A. Small, J.M. Martinis
    Pages 267-312
  7. G. Chardin
    Pages 313-357
  8. F.S. Porter, G.V. Brown, J. Cottam
    Pages 359-416
  9. B. Cabrera, R.W. Romani
    Pages 417-452
  10. E. Fiorini
    Pages 453-468
  11. P. Egelhof, S. Kraft-Bermuth
    Pages 469-500
  12. Back Matter

About this book


The development of cryogenic devices for particle detection has reached a stage at which many interesting applications are conceivable and already have been demonstrated. The book provides a comprehensive review of the field of cryogenic particle detection. It introduces the different detection techniques and gives an overview of the important areas in which these detectors are successfully applied.


Cryogenic Detectors Low-Temperature Physics Particle Physics Sensor Thermistor astronomy astrophysics development physics semiconductor

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