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  1. Front Matter
  2. John K. Volkman
    Pages 27-70
  3. Simon W. Wright, S. W. Jeffrey
    Pages 71-104
  4. R. Danovaro, C. Corinaldesi, G. M. Luna, A. Dell'Anno
    Pages 105-126
  5. J. S. Sinninghe Damsté, S. Schouten
    Pages 127-163
  6. Stuart G. Wakeham, Elizabeth A. Canuel
    Pages 295-321
  7. Josep Maria Bayona, Joan Albaigés
    Pages 323-370
  8. Back Matter

About this book


The oceans contain a great biodiversity of marine organisms. They include a rich variety of unusual genes and biochemistries and hence a diverse array of organic compounds ranging from colourful carotenoids and chlorophylls to lipids with structures ranging from the simple to the complex. This volume brings together ten chapters on the occurrence and identification of the lipid biomarkers and of pigments in marine waters. It describes how they can be used in conjunction with stable isotopes and molecular biology to ascertain the sources and fate of organic matter (both natural and pollutant) in the sea and underlying sediments. The authors are each experts in their field and the chapters provide both an overview of the state-of-the-art and knowledge gaps together with abundant detail to satisfy the needs of specialists and non-specialists alike.


Biomarker DNA Marker Environmental Protection Lipids Marine Pollutants Pigments biodiversity production

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From the reviews:

"This book brings together 10 chapters on the use of lipid biomarkers, pigments, isotopes, and molecular biology … . The authors are experts in their fields, and they have been able to provide an overview of the state of the art and knowledge gaps with sufficient detail to satisfy the needs of specialists and non-specialists alike. Marine chemists and biologists, physical oceanographers, and modellers will enjoy reading the book and keeping it as a reference in their work." (International Journal of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 86, 2006)