Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. David J. Lockwood and Lorenzo Pavesi
    Pages 1-50
  3. Mario Paniccia, Mike Morse, Michael Salib
    Pages 51-88
  4. L. C. Kimerling, L. Dal Negro, S. Saini, Y. Yi, D. Ahn, S. Akiyama et al.
    Pages 89-120
  5. Zeno Gaburro
    Pages 121-176
  6. Philippe M. Fauchet
    Pages 177-198
  7. Bahram Jalali, Ricardo Claps, Dimitri Dimitropoulos, Varun Raghunathan
    Pages 199-238
  8. Horst Zimmermann
    Pages 239-268
  9. Robert J. Bozeat, S. Day, F. Hopper, F. P. Payne, S. W. Roberts, M. Asghari
    Pages 269-294
  10. Torsten Geppert, Joerge Schilling, Ralf Wehrspohn, Ulrich Gösele
    Pages 295-322
  11. Andrea Irace, Giovanni Breglio, Mario Iodice, Antonello Cutolo
    Pages 361-391

About this book


This book gives a fascinating picture of the state-of-the-art in silicon photonics and a perspective on what can be expected in the near future. It is composed of a selected number of reviews authored by world leaders in the field and is written from both academic and industrial viewpoints. An in-depth discussion of the route towards fully integrated silicon photonics is presented. This book will be useful not only to physicists, chemists, materials scientists, and engineers but also to graduate students who are interested in the fields of microphotonics and optoelectronics.



Integrated optics Optoelectronics Silicon Photonics crystal electronics engineer integrated optics material microstructure optics optoelectronics photonics research scattering

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