Ultra-Wideband Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 4

  • Ehud Heyman
  • Benjamin Mandelbaum
  • Joseph Shiloh

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Pulse Generation and Detection

    1. G. A. Mesyats, S. N. Rukin, V. G. Shpak, M. I. Yalandin
      Pages 1-9
    2. Jane M. Lehr, Carl E. Baum, William D. Prather, Robert J. Torres
      Pages 11-20
    3. N. S. Ginzburg, L. V. Zotova’, N. Yu. Novozhilova, A. S. Sergeev, A. D. R. Phelps, A. W. Cross et al.
      Pages 21-26
    4. Irina L. Bogdankevich, Yannick Caillez, Anatoly G. Shkvarunets, Pavel. S. Strelkov, Vladimir P. Tarakanov, Denis K. Uľyanov et al.
      Pages 41-47
    5. Marco Mailand, Bertrand Daout
      Pages 49-56
  3. Antennas

    1. Arthur D. Yaghjian, Thorkild B. Hansen
      Pages 57-63
    2. C. Jerald Buchenauer, J. Scott Tyo, Jon S. H. Schoenberg
      Pages 91-108
    3. Carl E. Baum, Everett G. Farr, Charles A. Frost
      Pages 109-118
    4. William D. Prather, Forrest J. Agee, Carl E. Baum, Jane M. Lehr, James P. O’Loughlin, Jeffrey W. Burger et al.
      Pages 119-130
    5. Everett G. Farr, Carl E. Baum, William D. Prather, Leland H. Bowen
      Pages 131-144
    6. Xiaoxin Song, Guozhi Liu, Yajun Fan, Xiaolong Liu, Feng Liu
      Pages 145-148
    7. Y. Chevalier, Y. Imbs, B. Beillard, J. Andrieu, M. Jouvet, B. Jecko et al.
      Pages 157-164
    8. Yuri A. Andreev, Yuri I. Buyanov, Vladimir I. Koshelev, Vyacheslav V. Plisko, Konstantin N. Sukhushin
      Pages 181-186
  4. Broadband Systems and Components

    1. M. Le Goff, P. Pouliguen, Y. Chevalier, Y. Imhs, B. Beillard, J. Andrieu et al.
      Pages 195-202
    2. Carl E. Baum, Alexander P. Stone
      Pages 203-212
    3. E. Schamiloglu, N. E. Islam, C. B. Fleddermann, B. Shipley, R. P. Joshi, L. Zheng
      Pages 221-228
    4. J. M. Arnold, E. A. Avrutin, J. H. Marsh, E. L. Portnoi
      Pages 229-236
    5. Judith E. K. Laurens, Kurt E. Oughstun
      Pages 243-264
    6. Timor Melamed, Leopold B. Felsen
      Pages 277-288
    7. B.P. de Hon, E. Heyman, L. B. Felsen
      Pages 289-299
    8. Victor P. Belichenko, Vladimir I. Koshelev, Konstantin A. Pervakov
      Pages 313-319
  5. Scattering: Modeling, Measurements, and Processing

    1. Y. Chevalier, Y. Imbs, B. Beillard, J. Andrieu, M. Jouvet, B. Jecko et al.
      Pages 329-334
    2. P. Hansen, K. Scheff, E. Mokole
      Pages 335-343
    3. Amos Arev, Ehud Heyman, Ben-Zion Steinberg
      Pages 361-370
    4. B. Zhang, S. Primak, J. LoVetri, S. Kashyap
      Pages 371-378
    5. S. Primak, J. LoVetri, S. Kashyap
      Pages 379-386
    6. Bruno Juhel, Georges Vezzosi, Marc Le Goff
      Pages 387-393
    7. Vladimir I. Koshelev, Sergey E. Shipilov, Vladimir P. Yakubov
      Pages 395-399
  6. Buried Objects

    1. Vivian George, Thomas W. Altshuler
      Pages 409-416
    2. F. Olyslager, J. Fortuny-Guasch, A. Franchois, G. Nesti, A. J. Sieber
      Pages 417-424
    3. J. Lo Vetri, S. Primak, B. J. A. M. van Leersum, A. P. M. Zwamborn
      Pages 425-432
    4. Lawrence Carin, Norbert Geng, Mark McClure, Jeffrey Sichina, Lam Nguyen
      Pages 433-441
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 457-458

About this book


In the tradition of the previous three conferences, the proceedings of the 4th Ultra-Wideband Short-Pulse Electromagnetics Conference explores topics including pulse generation and detection; broadband electronic systems; antennas - theory, design, experiments and systems; pulse propagation; scattering theory; signal processing; and buried targets - detection and identification.


Duplex Laser Radar Semiconductor Sensor UWB antenna electronics integrated circuit optics scattering theory switch wave equation wavelet

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