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Healthcare Development Strategies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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Due to inefficiencies, under utilization, and diminished resources, the delivery of healthcare worldwide is a major issue. Health Care Development Stratrategies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia acquaints readers with the current health policy environment, organization and delivery of health services in the Kingdom. Present financing means, both government and private, and future financing methods such as a proposed national health insurance program and user-changes are presented and reviewed. Important strategic issues are discussed in regard to cost effectiveness, quality of services, utilization management, certificate of need, and the necessity for integration and cooperation among health sector agencies.
Providing information on the Saudi health system and any planned or proposed reformation in the health sector, is beneficial to healthcare directors, planners and strategists and will be of interest to experts and international investors in health system reorganization.


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"A superb account of the evolution of the healthcare system in Saudi Arabia. This book offers valuable insights to anyone who has a deep interest in the health system development of the Gulf region."
(William Hsiao, Harvard School of Public Health)
"This path-breaking work provides a comprehensive assessment of the Saudi Arabian Health System. An indispensable guide for Saudi Arabia's health reform efforts."
(George J. Schieber, The World Bank, Washington, DC)