Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Aaron B. Lerner
    Pages 1-3
  3. D. C. Klein
    Pages 5-16
  4. P. M. Iuvone, N. W. Chong, M. Bernard, A. D. Brown, K. B. Thomas, D. C. Klein
    Pages 31-41
  5. Jolanta B. Zawilska, Jolanta Rosiak, Jerzy Z. Nowak
    Pages 43-46
  6. C. L. Chik, B. Li, T. Negishi, E. Karpinski, A. K. Ho
    Pages 51-59
  7. Benny Ron1, Darren K. Okimoto
    Pages 73-77
  8. B. Zipfel, H. A. Schmid, H. Meissl
    Pages 79-82
  9. Yoshinori Moriyama, Hiroshi Yamada, Mitsuko Hayashi, Shouki Yatsushiro
    Pages 83-90
  10. Mitsuko Hayashi, Shouki Yatsushiro, Hiroshi Yamada, Akitsugu Yamamoto, Masamitsu Futai, Akihito Yamaguchi et al.
    Pages 91-93
  11. Jens D. Mikkelsen, Frank Hauser, James Olcese
    Pages 95-107
  12. Erik Maronde, Martina Pfeffer, Charlotte von Gall, Faramarz Dehghani, Christof Schomerus, Helmut Wicht et al.
    Pages 109-131
  13. Karen Privat, Michelle Fevre-Montange, Christine Brisson, Didier Chesneau, Jean-Paul Ravault
    Pages 133-135
  14. Peter J. Morgan, Sophie Messager, Catriona Webster, Perry Barrett, Alexander Ross
    Pages 165-174
  15. H. Y. Guerrero, F. Gauer, P. Pevet, M. Masson-Pevet
    Pages 175-179
  16. Margarita L. Dubocovich, Monica I. Masana, Susan Benloucif
    Pages 181-190
  17. Jiri Vanecek, Kazuto Watanabe
    Pages 191-198
  18. David R. Weaver
    Pages 199-214
  19. Lena Brydon, Perry Barrett, Peter J. Morgan, A. Donny Strosberg, Ralf Jockers
    Pages 215-220
  20. C. K. Song, T. J. Bartness, S. L. Petersen, E. L. Bittman
    Pages 229-232
  21. P. Pevet, N. Jacob, P. Vuillez
    Pages 233-245
  22. Helena Illnerová, Zdeňka Tr⇑níčková, Martin Jác, Alena Sumová
    Pages 247-260
  23. Shigenobu Shibata, Makoto Asai, Itsuki Oshima, Masayuki Ikeda, Toru Yoshioka
    Pages 261-270
  24. François Gauer, Carole Schuster, Vincent-Joseph Poirel, Paul Pevet, Mireille Masson-Pevet
    Pages 271-278
  25. H. Slotten, B. Pitrosky, P. Pévet
    Pages 279-281
  26. Stuart Maxwell Armstrong
    Pages 283-297
  27. Diana N. Krause, Greg G. Geary, Suzanne Doolen, Sue P. Duckles
    Pages 299-310
  28. Marlena Juszczak, Ewa Bojanowska, Jan W. Guzek, Bozena Stempniak, Ryszard Dabrowski
    Pages 311-315
  29. Olga Ianaş, Dana Manda, D. Câmpean, Mariana Ionescu, Gh. Soare
    Pages 321-328
  30. B. E. Fernández, E. Diaz, C. Fernández, B. Díaz
    Pages 329-332
  31. B. Díaz, E. Díaz, C. Fernindez, P. O. Castrillón, A. I. Esquifino, B. Marín
    Pages 333-336
  32. David E. Blask, Leonard A. Sauer, Robert T. Dauchy, Eugene W. Holowachuk, Mary S. Ruhoff
    Pages 337-343
  33. Steven M. Hill, Stephenie Teplitzky, Prahlad T. Ram, Todd Kiefer, David E. Blask, Louaine L. Spriggs et al.
    Pages 345-362
  34. S. R. Teplitzky, D. E. Blask, Q. Cheng, L. Myers, S. M. Hill
    Pages 363-367
  35. Marek Pawlikowski, Jolanta Kunert-Radek, Katarzyna Winczyk, Gabriela Melen-Mucha, Anna Gruszka, Michal Karasek
    Pages 369-372
  36. L. Di Bella, L. Gualano, C. Bruschi, S. Minuscoli, G. Tarozzi
    Pages 373-376
  37. M. T. Agapito, I. Redondo, R. Plaza, S. Lopez-Burillo, J. M. Recio, M. I. Pablos
    Pages 377-381
  38. R. Hardeland, S. Burkhardt, I. Antolín, B. Fuhrberg, A. Coto-Montes
    Pages 387-390
  39. Jan Kolár, Carl H. Johnson, Ivana Machácková
    Pages 391-393
  40. Georges J. M. Maestroni
    Pages 395-405
  41. R. Konakchieva, S. Manchev, P. Pevét, M. Masson-Pevét
    Pages 411-415

About this book


In the forty years since melatonin's isolation and characterization, a large and multifaceted database has accrued. This book documents the diverse research contributions of most of the major laboratories in the field of melatonin research, as presented in a special conference to mark the 40 year anniversary of the isolation and chemical identification of this hormone. In addition, many chapters by younger scientists provide an exciting glimpse of where melatonin research is heading in the future.


cells evolution pharmacology prolactin receptor retina

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  • James Olcese
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  1. 1.Institute for Hormone and Fertility ResearchUniversity of HamburgHamburgGermany

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