Issues in the Psychology of Women

  • Maryka Biaggio
  • Michel Hersen

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Historical and Scientific Foundations

  3. Social Issues and Problems

    1. Angela R. Gillem, Radhika Sehgal, Shiata Forcet
      Pages 55-69
    2. Janice D. Yoder
      Pages 71-91
    3. Patricia D. Rozee
      Pages 93-113
    4. Maureen C. McHugh, Tammy A. R. Bartoszek
      Pages 115-142
  4. Relationships and Sexuality

    1. Kristine M. Baber
      Pages 145-171
    2. Rhonda Felece Jeter
      Pages 173-198
    3. Joan C. Chrisler, Ingrid Johnston-Robledo
      Pages 199-226
  5. Psychological and Health Issues

    1. Linda Krug Porzelius
      Pages 229-249
    2. Laurie A. Roades
      Pages 251-272
    3. Mary Ballou, Carolyn West
      Pages 273-297
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 299-303

About this book


Over the past 15 years, I (MB) have taught a graduate-level course in Psychology of Women to students in two different professional psychology programs. Because my students were at the doctoral level and often had some familiarity with the psychology of women, these courses focused on bringing a feminist analysis of psychology and integrating a feminist analysis into one’s scholarly work and professional activities. Although I used several fine psychology of women textbooks during this time, I found none that was specifically designed for graduate students. Thus, I always augmented the textbook with journal articles on specific aspects of the topic, and these focused articles have typically been well received by the students. The s- dents whom I have encountered in these courses have often expressed a wish for a textbook that is designed for their needs; I think what they are asking for is one that could serve as a foundation for their scholarly analysis of psychology as well as a springboard for thoughtful application of a feminist perspective to the profession of psychology. Therefore, Issues in the Psychology of Women has been designed to serve as a textbook for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses including Psychology of Women or Feminist Analysis of Psychology. This book is the collective work of authors with special expertise in their chapter topic.


Nation gender prejudice psychology

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