Scale Space and PDE Methods in Computer Vision

5th International Conference, Scale-Space 2005, Hofgeismar, Germany, April 7-9, 2005. Proceedings

  • Ron Kimmel
  • Nir A. Sochen
  • Joachim Weickert
Conference proceedings Scale-Space 2005

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3459)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Oral Presentations

    1. Novel Linear Scale-Spaces

      1. Bernhard Burgeth, Stephan Didas, Joachim Weickert
        Pages 1-12
      2. Stephan Didas, Bernhard Burgeth, Atsushi Imiya, Joachim Weickert
        Pages 13-25
    2. Image Features

      1. Lewis D Griffin, Martin Lillholm
        Pages 26-37
      2. Matthew Mellor, Michael Brady
        Pages 38-49
      3. André Diatta, Peter Giblin
        Pages 50-61
    3. Deep Structure

      1. E. Balmachnova, L. M. J. Florack, B. Platel, F. M. W. Kanters, B. M. ter Haar Romeny
        Pages 62-72
      2. B. Platel, M. Fatih Demirci, A. Shokoufandeh, L. M. J. Florack, F. M. W. Kanters, B. M. ter Haar Romeny et al.
        Pages 73-84
      3. Bart Janssen, Frans Kanters, Remco Duits, Luc Florack, Bart ter Haar Romeny
        Pages 85-96
      4. Kerawit Somchaipeng, Jon Sporring, Sven Kreiborg, Peter Johansen
        Pages 97-106
    4. Image Processing

      1. Leah Bar, Nir Sochen, Nahum Kiryati
        Pages 107-118
    5. Medical Applications

      1. Markus Persson, Jan Erik Solem, Karin Markenroth, Jonas Svensson, Anders Heyden
        Pages 119-130
      2. Nikos Paragios, Marie-Pierre Jolly, Maxime Taron, Rama Ramaraj
        Pages 131-142
    6. Contours

      1. Hidekata Hontani, Yu Suzuki, Yoshikazu Giga, Mi-Ho Giga, Koichiro Deguchi
        Pages 155-166
      2. Xavier Bresson, Pierre Vandergheynst, Jean-Philippe Thiran
        Pages 167-178
    7. Tensors

      1. Martin Welk, Florian Becker, Christoph Schnörr, Joachim Weickert
        Pages 204-216
    8. Non-linear Filters

      1. Michael Elad
        Pages 217-229
      2. Guy Gilboa, Nir A. Sochen, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi
        Pages 230-241
    9. Motion

      1. V. Caselles, L. Garrido, L. Igual
        Pages 242-253
      2. Anne Cuzol, Etienne Mémin
        Pages 254-266
      3. Jing Yuan, Paul Ruhnau, Etinne Mémin, Christoph Schnörr
        Pages 267-278
      4. Andrés Bruhn, Joachim Weickert, Timo Kohlberger, Christoph Schnörr
        Pages 279-290
  3. Poster Presentations

    1. Markus Grasmair, Frank Lenzen, Andreas Obereder, Otmar Scherzer, Matthias Fuchs
      Pages 303-315
    2. Ole Fogh Olsen
      Pages 316-326
    3. Jan-Mark Geusebroek
      Pages 327-338
    4. Jayant Shah
      Pages 339-350
    5. Chen Sagiv, Nir A. Sochen, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi
      Pages 351-362
    6. Yousun Kang, Ken’ichi Morooka, Hiroshi Nagahashi
      Pages 363-373
    7. Tomoya Sakai, Atsushi Imiya
      Pages 374-385
    8. Paul M. de Zeeuw
      Pages 396-407
    9. Sune Keller, François Lauze, Mads Nielsen
      Pages 408-418
    10. Frans Kanters, Martin Lillholm, Remco Duits, Bart Janssen, Bram Platel, Luc Florack et al.
      Pages 431-442
    11. A. Elad, Y. Keller, R. Kimmel
      Pages 443-455
    12. Alexander Brook, Alfred M. Bruckstein, Ron Kimmel
      Pages 456-467
    13. Kim Steenstrup Pedersen, Remco Duits, Mads Nielsen
      Pages 468-479
    14. Niels Chr. Overgaard, Jan Erik Solem
      Pages 480-491
    15. Alon Spira, Ron Kimmel
      Pages 492-502
    16. A. Kissi, S. Cormier, L. Pourcelot, A. Bleuzen, F. Tranquart
      Pages 528-535
    17. Michael Breuß, Thomas Brox, Thomas Sonar, Joachim Weickert
      Pages 536-547
    18. Martin Weber, Andrew Blake, Roberto Cipolla
      Pages 548-560
    19. Eldad Haber, Jan Modersitzki
      Pages 561-572
    20. Johan Lie, Marius Lysaker, Xue-Cheng Tai
      Pages 573-584

About these proceedings


Welcome to the proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Scale-Space and PDE Methods in Computer Vision. The scale-space concept was introduced by Iijima more than 40 years ago and became popular later on through the works of Witkin and Koenderink. It is at the junction of three major schools of thought in image processing and computer vision: the design of ?lters, axiomatic approaches based on partial di?erential equations (PDEs), and variational methods for image regularization. Scale-space ideas belong to the mathematically best-understood approaches in image analysis. They have entered numerous successful applications in medical imaging and a number of other ?elds where they often give results of very high quality. This conference followed biennial meetings held in Utrecht, Corfu, Vancouver and Skye. It took place in a little castle (Schl¨ osschen Sch¨ onburg) near the small town of Hofgeismar, Germany. Inspired by the very successful previous meeting at Skye, we kept the style of gathering people in a slightly remote and scenic place in order to encourage many fruitful discussions during the day and in the evening. Wereceived79fullpapersubmissionsofahighstandardthatischaracteristic for the scale-space conferences. Each paper was reviewed by three experts from the Program Committee, sometimes helped by additional reviewers. Based on theresultsofthesereviews,53paperswereaccepted.Weselected24manuscripts for oral presentation and 29 for poster presentation.


3D Active contour Computer Vision Image segmentation Retinex calculus computational geometry feature extraction geometric computing geometric diffusion image filtering image processing scale space methods uncertainty variational methods

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  • Ron Kimmel
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  • Nir A. Sochen
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  • Joachim Weickert
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  1. 1.Dept. of Computer ScienceTechnion – Israel Institute of TechnologyHaifaIsrael
  2. 2.School of Mathematical SciencesTel Aviv UniversityTel AvivIsrael
  3. 3.Mathematical Image Analysis Group, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer ScienceSaarland UniversitySaarbrückenGermany

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