Growing Black Holes: Accretion in a Cosmological Context

Proceedings of the MPA/ESO/MPE/USM Joint Astronomy Conference Held at Garching, Germany, 21-25 June 2004

  • Editors
  • Andrea Merloni
  • Sergei Nayakshin
  • Rashid A. Sunyaev

Part of the ESO Astrophysics Symposia book series (ESO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. N. Menci, A. Cavaliere, E. Giallongo, A. Fontana
    Pages 50-55
  3. L. Danese, F. Shankar, G.L. Granato, L. Silva, A. Bressan, G. De Zotti et al.
    Pages 60-65
  4. V. Gaibler, M. Camenzind, M. Krause
    Pages 66-67
  5. L. Ciotti, J.P. Ostriker, S. Yu. Sazonov
    Pages 68-69
  6. W.N. Brandt, C. Vignali, B.D. Lehmer, L.A. Lopez, D.P. Schneider, I.V. Strateva
    Pages 90-101
  7. C.J. Willott, D. Crampton, J.B. Hutchings, M. Sawicki, L. Simard, M.J. Jarvis et al.
    Pages 102-107
  8. D.M. Alexander
    Pages 114-119
  9. A.M. Koekemoer, D.M. Alexander, F.E. Bauer, J. Bergeron, W. N. Brandt, S. Cristiani et al.
    Pages 120-125
  10. M. Brusa, A. Comastri, E. Daddi, L. Pozzetti, G. Zamorani, C. Vignali et al.
    Pages 126-127
  11. F.J. Carrera, M.J. Page, J.A. Stevens, J.P.D. Mittaz
    Pages 128-129
  12. R. Falomo, J. Kotilainen, R. Scarpa, A. Treves
    Pages 130-131
  13. E. Ferrero, W. Brinkmann
    Pages 132-133
  14. E. Ovcharov, V. D. Ivanov, P. Nedialkov
    Pages 134-135
  15. V. Mainieri, the GOODS/CDFS team
    Pages 136-137
  16. B. Rocca-Volmerange, M. Remazeilles
    Pages 138-139
  17. B. Sbarufatti, A. Treves, R. Falomo, J. Heidt, J. Kotilainen, R. Scarpa
    Pages 140-141
  18. T. Urrutia, M. Lacy, R. Becker, M. Gregg
    Pages 142-143
  19. A.J. Barth, J.E. Greene, L.C. Ho
    Pages 154-158
  20. P. Arévalo, I. Papadakis, B. Kuhlbrodt, W. Brinkmann
    Pages 175-176
  21. P. Buyle, H. Dejonghe, M. Baes
    Pages 177-178
  22. L. Coccato, M. Sarzi, E. Maria Corsini, A. Pizzella, F. Bertola
    Pages 179-180
  23. H.-J. Grimm, M. Gilfanov, R. Sunyaev
    Pages 181-182
  24. D. Grupe, S. Mathur
    Pages 183-184
  25. A. Eckart, F. K. Baganoff, M. Morris, M.W. Bautz, W.N. Brandt, G.P. Garmire et al.
    Pages 191-196
  26. T. Paumard, J.-P. Maillard, M. Morris
    Pages 197-202
  27. B.F. Liu, F. Meyer, E. Meyer-Hofmeister
    Pages 209-210
  28. E. Meyer-Hofmeister, F. Meyer, B. Liu
    Pages 211-212
  29. M. Moscibrodzka, B. Czerny, V. Beskin
    Pages 213-214
  30. N. Mouawad, S. Pfalzner, R. Schödel, R. Spurzem, J. Moultaka, A. Eckart
    Pages 215-216
  31. R. Schödel, R. Genzel, A. Eckart, T. Ott
    Pages 217-218
  32. G. Verdoes Kleijn, R. van der Marel, J. Noel-Storr
    Pages 236-241
  33. T. Beckert, W.J. Duschl, B. Vollmer
    Pages 242-247
  34. J. Cuadra, S. Nayakshin
    Pages 248-249
  35. M.A. Abramowicz
    Pages 257-273

About these proceedings


Supermassive black holes are now believed to play an important role in the evolution of the Universe. Every respectable galaxy hosts in its center a black hole that appears to regulate the growth of the galaxy itself. In this book, leading experts in the field review the most recent theoretical and observational results on the following topics:

* formation and growth of the first black holes in the Universe and their role in the formation and evolution of galaxies

* the physics of black-hole accretion and the production of relativistic jets

* binary black-hole mergers and gravitational radiation.

Theoretical work is supplemented by the most recent exciting results from space and ground based observatories.

This volume is useful research and reference tool for the entire astrophysical community.


Accretion Active Galactic Nuclei Galaxy Gravitational Waves Jets Relativistic jet Structure Formation Supermassive Black Holes Universe

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