Wide-Gap Chalcopyrites

  • Susanne Siebentritt
  • Uwe Rau

Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 86)

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    Pages vi-xiii
  2. Susanne Siebentritt, Uwe Rau
    Pages 1-8
  3. J.D Cohen, J.T Heath, W.N Shafarman
    Pages 69-90
  4. Susanne Siebentritt
    Pages 113-156
  5. N Ott, H.P Strunk, M Albrecht, G Hanna, R Kniese
    Pages 179-191
  6. A Klein, T Schulmeyer
    Pages 213-233
  7. R Kniese, G Voorwinden, R Menner, U Stein, M Powalla, Uwe Rau
    Pages 236-254
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 255-257

About this book


Chalcopyrites, in particular those with a wide band gap, are fascinating materials in terms of their technological potential in the next generation of thin-film solar cells and in terms of their basic material properties. They exhibit uniquely low defect formation energies, leading to unusual doping and phase behavior and to extremely benign grain boundaries. This book collects articles on a number of those basic material properties of wide-gap chalcopyrites, comparing them to their low-gap cousins. They explore the doping of the materials, the electronic structure and the transport through interfaces and grain boundaries, the formation of the electric field in a solar cell, the mechanisms and suppression of recombination, the role of inhomogeneities, and the technological role of wide-gap chalcopyrites.


Doping Energie Grain boundaries Helium-Atom-Streuung Semiconductor Semiconductor defects Solar cells Vakuuminjektionsverfahren alloy production solar cell spectroscopy thin film thin films transport

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