Plant Endocytosis

  • Editors
  • Jozef Šamaj
  • František Baluška
  • Diedrik Menzel

Part of the Plant Cell Monographs book series (CELLMONO, volume 1)

Table of contents

  1. František Baluška, Edurne Baroja-Fernandez, Javier Pozueta-Romero, Andrej Hlavacka, Ed Etxeberria, Jozef Šamaj
    Pages 19-35
  2. Sheung Kwan Lam, Yu Chung Tse, Liwen Jiang, Peter Oliviusson, Oliver Heinzerling, David G. Robinson
    Pages 37-61
  3. Jean-Marc Neuhaus, Nadine Paris
    Pages 63-82
  4. Eugenia Russinova, Sacco de Vries
    Pages 103-115
  5. Miroslav Ovečka, Irene K. Lichtscheidl
    Pages 117-137
  6. Rujin Chen, Patrick H. Masson
    Pages 139-157
  7. Joshua J. Blakeslee, Wendy Ann Peer, Angus S. Murphy
    Pages 159-176
  8. Erik Nielsen
    Pages 177-195
  9. Masa H. Sato, Ryosuke L. Ohniwa, Tomohiro Uemura
    Pages 197-215
  10. D. P. S. Verma, Z. Hong, D. Menzel
    Pages 217-232
  11. Jozef Šamaj, František Baluška, Boris Voigt, Dieter Volkmann, Diedrik Menzel
    Pages 233-244
  12. Antonius C. J. Timmers, Marcelle Holsters, Sofie Goormachtig
    Pages 245-266
  13. Ulrike Homann
    Pages 267-276
  14. Rui Malhó, Pedro Castanho Coelho, Elizabeth Pierson, Jan Derksen
    Pages 277-291
  15. Jürgen Wendland, Andrea Walther
    Pages 293-310

About this book


Endocytosis is a fundamental biological process, which is conserved among all eukaryotes. It is essential not only for many physiological and signalling processes but also for interactions between eukaryotic cells and pathogens or symbionts. This book covers all aspects of endocytosis in both lower and higher plants, including basic types of endocytosis, endocytic compartments, and molecules involved in endocytic internalization and recycling in diverse plant cell types. It provides a comparison with endocytosis in animals and yeast and discusses future prospects in this new and rapidly evolving plant research field. Readers will find an overview of the state-of-the-art methods and techniques applied in plant endocytosis research.


Pathogen Pflanze Protein Transport cell endocytosis fungi plant

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