Metaheuristic Optimization via Memory and Evolution

Tabu Search and Scatter Search

  • Ramesh Sharda
  • Stefan Voß
  • César Rego
  • Bahram Alidaee

Part of the Operations Research/Computer Science Interfaces Series book series (ORCS, volume 30)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Advances for New Model and Solution Approaches

    1. Zsolt Ugray, Leon Lasdon, John C. Plummer, Fred Glover, Jim Kelly, Rafael Martí
      Pages 25-57
    2. Roberto Baldacci, Marco A. Boschetti, Vittorio Maniezzo, Marco Zamboni
      Pages 59-91
    3. Roberto Aringhieri, Mauro Dell'Amico
      Pages 93-116
  3. Advances for Solving Classical Problems

    1. Józef Grabowskil, Mieczyslaw Wodecki
      Pages 117-144
    2. Jean-Francois Cordeau, Gilbert Laporte
      Pages 145-163
    3. Eugeniusz Nowicki, Czeslaw Smutnicki
      Pages 165-190
    4. Arne Løkketangen, Fred Glover
      Pages 213-227
  4. Experimental Evaluations

    1. Manuel Laguna, Viníicius A. Armentano
      Pages 229-246
    2. João Pedro Pedroso
      Pages 247-261
    3. Rafael Martí, Manuel Laguna, Vicente Campos
      Pages 263-282
  5. Review of Recent Developments

    1. Teodor Gabriel Crainic
      Pages 283-302
    2. Helena R. Lourenço
      Pages 329-356
  6. New Procedural Designs

  7. Back Matter
    Pages 461-466

About this book


Tabu Search (TS) and, more recently, Scatter Search (SS) have proved highly effective in solving a wide range of optimization problems, and have had a variety of applications in industry, science, and government. The goal of METAHEURISTIC OPTIMIZATION VIA MEMORY AND EVOLUTION: Tabu Search and Scatter Search is to report original research on algorithms and applications of tabu search, scatter search or both, as well as variations and extensions having "adaptive memory programming" as a primary focus. Individual chapters identify useful new implementations or new ways to integrate and apply the principles of TS and SS, or that prove new theoretical results, or describe the successful application of these methods to real world problems.

From the preface:

…Where Are We Headed?

The chapters of this book provide a series of landmarks along the way as we investigate and seek to better understand the elements of tabu search and scatter search that account for their successes in an astonishingly varied range of applications. The contributions of the chapters are diverse in scope, and are not uniform in the degree that they plumb or take advantage of fundamental principles underlying TS and SS. Collectively, however, they offer a useful glimpse of issues that deserve to be set in sharper perspective, and that move us farther along the way toward dealing with problems whose size and complexity pose key challenges to the optimization methods of tomorrow...

Fred Glover

University of Colorado


Permutation algorithm algorithms combinatorial optimization genetic algorithms linear optimization logistics model nonlinear optimization optimization programming

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  • Ramesh Sharda
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  • Stefan Voß
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  • César Rego
  • Bahram Alidaee
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  2. 2.Universität HamburgGermany

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