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The Traveling Salesman Problem and Its Variations

  • Gregory Gutin
  • Abraham P. Punnen

Part of the Combinatorial Optimization book series (COOP, volume 12)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Egon Balas, Matteo Fischetti
    Pages 117-168
  3. Matteo Fischetti, Andrea Lodi, Paolo Toth
    Pages 169-205
  4. Sanjeev Arora
    Pages 207-221
  5. Gregory Gutin, Anders Yeo, Alexei Zverovitch
    Pages 223-256
  6. A. M. Frieze, J. E. Yukich
    Pages 257-307
  7. César Rego, Fred Glover
    Pages 309-368
  8. David S. Johnson, Lyle A. McGeoch
    Pages 369-443
  9. David S. Johnson, Gregory Gutin, Lyle A. McGeoch, Anders Yeo, Weixiong Zhang, Alexei Zverovitch
    Pages 445-487
  10. Santosh N. Kabadi
    Pages 489-583
  11. Alexander Barvinok, Edward Kh. Gimadi, Anatoliy I. Serdyukov
    Pages 585-607
  12. Matteo Fischetti, Juan-José Salazar-Gonzalez, Paolo Toth
    Pages 609-662
  13. Santosh N. Kabadi, Abraham P. Punnen
    Pages 697-735
  14. Andrea Lodi, Abraham P. Punnen
    Pages 737-749
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 750-830

About this book


This volume, which contains chapters written by reputable researchers, provides the state of the art in theory and algorithms for the traveling salesman problem (TSP). The book covers all important areas of study on TSP, including polyhedral theory for symmetric and asymmetric TSP, branch and bound, and branch and cut algorithms, probabilistic aspects of TSP, thorough computational analysis of heuristic and metaheuristic algorithms, theoretical analysis of approximation algorithms, including the emerging area of domination analysis of algorithms, discussion of TSP software and variations of TSP such as bottleneck TSP, generalized TSP, prize collecting TSP, maximizing TSP, orienteering problem, etc.


This book is intended for researchers, practitioners, and academicians in mathematics, computer science, and operations research. It is appropriate as a reference work or as a main or supplemental textbook in graduate and senior undergraduate courses and projects.


Permutation Polyhedral Theory algorithms calculus complexity graphs metaheuristic

Editors and affiliations

  • Gregory Gutin
    • 1
  • Abraham P. Punnen
    • 2
  1. 1.Royal HollowayUniversity of LondonUK
  2. 2.University of New BrunswickSaint JohnCanada

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