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Parallel Problem Solving from Nature - PPSN VIII

8th International Conference, Birmingham, UK, September 18-22, 2004. Proceedings

  • Xin Yao
  • Edmund K. Burke
  • José A. Lozano
  • Jim Smith
  • Juan Julián Merelo-Guervós
  • John A. Bullinaria
  • Jonathan E. Rowe
  • Peter Tiňo
  • Ata Kabán
  • Hans-Paul Schwefel
Conference proceedings PPSN 2004

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3242)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Theory

    1. Hans-Georg Beyer, Silja Meyer-Nieberg
      Pages 1-10
    2. Yossi Borenstein, Riccardo Poli
      Pages 11-20
    3. Patrick Briest, Dimo Brockhoff, Bastian Degener, Matthias Englert, Christian Gunia, Oliver Heering et al.
      Pages 21-30
    4. Patrick Briest, Dimo Brockhoff, Bastian Degener, Matthias Englert, Christian Gunia, Oliver Heering et al.
      Pages 31-40
    5. A. E. Eiben, Elena Marchiori, V. A. Valkó
      Pages 41-50
    6. Thomas Jansen, R. Paul Wiegand
      Pages 61-71
    7. Cheah C. J. Moey, Jonathan E. Rowe
      Pages 72-80
    8. Mike Preuss, Christian Lasarczyk
      Pages 91-100
    9. Colin R. Reeves, Mériéma Aupetit-Bélaidouni
      Pages 101-110
  3. New Algorithms

    1. Anne Auger, Marc Schoenauer, Nicolas Vanhaecke
      Pages 182-191

About these proceedings


We are very pleased to present this LNCS volume, the proceedings of the 8th InternationalConferenceonParallelProblemSolvingfromNature(PPSNVIII). PPSN is one of the most respected and highly regarded conference series in evolutionary computation and natural computing/computation. This biennial eventwas?rstheldinDortmundin1990,andtheninBrussels(1992),Jerusalem (1994), Berlin (1996), Amsterdam (1998), Paris (2000), and Granada (2002). PPSN VIII continues to be the conference of choice by researchers all over the world who value its high quality. We received a record 358 paper submissions this year. After an extensive peer review process involving more than 1100 reviews, the programme c- mittee selected the top 119 papers for inclusion in this volume and, of course, for presentation at the conference. This represents an acceptance rate of 33%. Please note that review reports with scores only but no textual comments were not considered in the chairs’ ranking decisions. The papers included in this volume cover a wide range of topics, from e- lutionary computation to swarm intelligence and from bio-inspired computing to real-world applications. They represent some of the latest and best research in evolutionary and natural computation. Following the PPSN tradition, all - persatPPSNVIII werepresentedasposters.Therewere7 sessions:eachsession consisting of around 17 papers. For each session, we covered as wide a range of topics as possible so that participants with di?erent interests would ?nd some relevant papers at every session.


Scala Scheduling Scheme adaptive systems algorithmic learning biocomputing biologically inspired computing classifier systems evolutionary computing evolutionary rob genetic algorithms genetic programming multi-objective optimization natural computing neural computing

Editors and affiliations

  • Xin Yao
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  • Edmund K. Burke
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  • José A. Lozano
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  • Jim Smith
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  • Juan Julián Merelo-Guervós
    • 5
  • John A. Bullinaria
    • 6
  • Jonathan E. Rowe
    • 7
  • Peter Tiňo
    • 8
  • Ata Kabán
    • 9
  • Hans-Paul Schwefel
    • 10
  1. 1.University of BirminghamBirminghamUK
  2. 2.Automated Scheduling, Optimisation and Planning Group, School of Computer Science & ITUniversity of NottinghamNottinghamUK
  3. 3.Intelligent Systems Group Department of Computer Science and Artificial IntelligenceUniversity of the Basque CountrySan Sebastian, DonostiaSpain
  4. 4.University of the West of EnglandBristolUnited Kingdom
  5. 5.GeNeura Team, Depto. Arquitectura y Tecnología de ComputadoresUniversidad de GranadaSpain
  6. 6.School of Computer ScienceThe University of BirminghamEdgbaston, BirminghamUK
  7. 7.School of Computer ScienceUniversity of BirminghamBirminghamGreat Britain
  8. 8.School of Computer ScienceUniversity of BirminghamUnited Kingdom
  9. 9.School of Computer ScienceThe University of BirminghamBirminghamUK
  10. 10.Faculty of Computer ScienceDortmund University of TechnologyDortmundGermany

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