Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. H. Narnhofer, W. Irring
    Pages 1-3
  3. K. Chadan, R. Kobayashi
    Pages 14-19
  4. S.M. Roy, V. Singh
    Pages 38-52
  5. J. Leon, P.C. Sabotier
    Pages 98-101
  6. M. Ciulli, S. Ciulli, T.D. Spearman
    Pages 102-125
  7. G. Mennessier, M.B. Causse, G. Auberson
    Pages 137-157
  8. B. Bonnier, M. Hontebeyrie
    Pages 163-167
  9. G. Gounaris, FM. Renard, D. Schildknecht
    Pages 188-201
  10. Back Matter

About this book


The book addresses three major topics in mathematical physics: 1. recent rigorous results in potential theory with appli- cations in particle physics, 2. analyticity in quantum field theory and its applica- tions, and 3. fundamentals and applications of the inverse problem. In addition, the book contains some contributions on questions of general interest in quantum field theory such as nonperturbative solutions of quantum chromodynamics, bifurcation theory applied to chiral symmetry, as well as exactly soluable models. The volume closes with a brief review of geometric approaches to particle physics and a phenomenological discussion of Higgs interactions.


Elementarteilchen Elementarteilchenphysik Elementary particle physics Feldtheorie Inverse Probleme Inverse methods Kernphysik Mathematische Physik Particle Physics Potential mathematical physics nuclear physics particles

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