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Algebraic Homogeneous Spaces and Invariant Theory

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 1673)

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    Pages 71-105
  6. Frank D. Grosshans
    Pages 106-137
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    Pages 138-149

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The invariant theory of non-reductive groups has its roots in the 19th century but has seen some very interesting developments in the past twenty years. This book is an exposition of several related topics including observable subgroups, induced modules, maximal unipotent subgroups of reductive groups and the method of U-invariants, and the complexity of an action. Much of this material has not appeared previously in book form. The exposition assumes a basic knowledge of algebraic groups and then develops each topic systematically with applications to invariant theory. Exercises are included as well as many examples, some of which are related to geometry and physics.


Factor Finite Invariant algebra algebraic group algebraic groups boundary element method development group invariant theory knowledge maximum presentation proof theorem

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