Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Robin Milner
    Pages 1-1
  3. Michele Boreale, Rocco De Nicola
    Pages 2-16
  4. Davide Sangiorgi, Robin Milner
    Pages 32-46
  5. Jan Friso Groote, Faron Moller
    Pages 62-76
  6. Rob Gerth, Ruurd Kuiper, John Segers
    Pages 77-93
  7. M. Hennessy
    Pages 94-107
  8. G. Boudol, I. Castellani, M. Hennessy, A. Kiehn
    Pages 108-122
  9. Olaf Burkart, Bernhard Steffen
    Pages 123-137
  10. Søren Christensen, Hans Hüttel, Colin Stirling
    Pages 138-147
  11. Ursula Goltz, Ruurd Kuiper, Wojciech Penczek
    Pages 222-236
  12. Vaughan R. Pratt
    Pages 237-253
  13. Eric Goubault, Thomas P. Jensen
    Pages 254-268

About these proceedings


This book contains a selection of research papers describing recent advancesin the theory of concurrent systems and their applications. The papers were all presented at the CONCUR '92 conference, which has emerged as the premiere conference on formal aspects of concurrency. The authors include such prominent researchers as R. Milner, A. Pnueli, N. Lynch, and V.R. Pratt. The results represent advances in the mathematical understanding of the behavior of concurrent systems: topics covered include process algebras, models of true concurrency, compositional verification techniques, temporal logic, verification case studies, models of probabilistic and real-time systems, models of systems with dynamic structure, and algorithms and decidability results for system analysis. A key feature of CONCUR is its breadth: in one volume it presents a snapshot of the state of the art in concurrency theory. Assuch, it is indispensible to researchers - and would-be researchers - in theformal analysis of concurrent systems.


Analyse-Algorithmen Analysis Concurrency Parallelism Program Verification Programmier-Semantik Semantics of Programing algorithm algorithms logic real-time verification

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