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  1. Front Matter
  2. G. Arumugam, O. Pironneau
    Pages 1-17
  3. G. Bayada, M. Chambat, M. El Alaoui Talibi
    Pages 38-54
  4. J. F. Bonnans, V. Caudrat, C. Saguez
    Pages 72-90
  5. M. Chambat, G. Bayada, J. B. Faure
    Pages 96-115
  6. Francis Conrad, Michel Cournil
    Pages 116-136
  7. Chung S., Deng S. M., Kernevez J. P., Liu Y., Wang Z.
    Pages 137-152
  8. Jaroslav Haslinger, Pekka Neittaanmäki
    Pages 192-211
  9. Timo Tiihonen, Jean-Paul Zolesio
    Pages 311-316
  10. J. P. Zolesio, C. Truchi
    Pages 372-398

About these proceedings


This volume comprises the proceedings of the Working Conference "Boundary variations and boundary control" held in Nice (France), June 10-13, 1986. The aim of this Conference was to stimulate exchange of ideas between the group working on shape optimization (including free boundary problems) and the group working on boundary control of hyperbolic systems (including stabilization). An important remark is that if one considers a dynamical system governed by linear elasticity the choice of Lagrangian coordinates leads to discuss boundary conditions, or boundary control (for example to stabilize), while the choice of Eulerian coordinates lead to a moving boundary and moving domain . This remark challenges us to consider the domain (or its boundary) as a control.


control dynamical systems feedback optimization shape optimization stability stabilization system

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