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  2. G. Agha, C. Houck, R. Panwar
    Pages 1-17
  3. S. Hiranandani, K. Kennedy, C. Koelbel, U. Kremer, C. -W. Tseng
    Pages 18-34
  4. J. Werth, J. Browne, S. Sobek, T. Lee, P. Newton, R. Jain
    Pages 35-49
  5. D. Scales, M. Rinard, M. Lam, J. Anderson
    Pages 50-64
  6. R. Eigenmann, J. Hoeflinger, Z. Li, D. Padua
    Pages 65-83
  7. J. Lee, C. Lin, L. Snyder
    Pages 84-98
  8. Z. Ariola, Arvind
    Pages 99-121
  9. R. Johnson, W. Li, K. Pingali
    Pages 122-136
  10. S. Tjiang, M. Wolf, M. Lam, K. Pieper, J. Hennessy
    Pages 137-151
  11. M. Girkar, C. Polychronopoulos
    Pages 152-168
  12. C. -H. Huang, P. Sadayappan
    Pages 186-200
  13. A. Nicolau, R. Potasman, H. Wang
    Pages 218-235
  14. H. Kasahara, H. Honda, A. Mogi, A. Ogura, K. Fujiwara, S. Narita
    Pages 283-297
  15. J. Labarta, E. Ayguade, J. Torres, M. Valero, J. M. Llaberia
    Pages 298-312

About these proceedings


This volume contains the proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Languages andCompilers for Parallel Computing, held in Santa Clara, California, in August1991. The purpose of the workshop, held every year since 1988, is to bring together the leading researchers on parallel programming language designand compilation techniques for parallel computers. The papers in this book cover several important topics including: (1) languages and structures to represent programs internally in the compiler, (2) techniques to analyzeand manipulate sequential loops in order to generate a parallel version, (3)techniques to detect and extract fine-grain parallelism, (4) scheduling and memory-management issues in automatically generated parallel programs, (5) parallel programming language designs, and (6) compilation of explicitly parallel programs. Together, the papers give a good overview of the research projects underway in 1991 in this field.


Automat Fine-Grain Parallelsm Parallel Computing Parallel Loops Parallel Programming Languages Parallel Schleifen Parallele Compiler Parallelism Compilers Parallelität im Kleinen Scheduling compiler parallel programming programming programming language

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