Table of contents

  1. E. Antelo, J. D. Bruguera, T. Lang, J. Villalba, E. L. Zapata
    Pages 155-164
  2. Asger Munk Nielsen, Jean-Michel Muller
    Pages 165-174
  3. Stuart F. Oberman, Michael J. Flynn
    Pages 183-192
  4. Michael A. Anuta, Daniel W. Lozier, Nicolas Schabanel, Peter R. Turner
    Pages 193-202
  5. D Crookes, T J Brown, Y Dong, G McAleese, P J Morrow, D K Roantree et al.
    Pages 213-216
  6. Koen Danckaert, Francky Catthoor, Hugo De Man
    Pages 217-225
  7. W. F. J. Verhaegh, P. E. R. Lippens, E. H. L. Aarts, J. L. van Meerbergen, A. van der Werf
    Pages 226-235
  8. L. De Coster, M. Engels, R. Lauwereins, J. Peperstraete
    Pages 236-239
  9. V. Demian, F. Desprez, H. Paugam-Moisy, M. Pourzandi
    Pages 241-250
  10. Jack J. Dongarra, Tony Hey, Erich Strohmaier
    Pages 251-254
  11. Ioana M. Boier Martin, Dan C. Marinescu
    Pages 255-258
  12. Klaus Wolf, António Mano, Sérgio Prata dos Santos, Jean-Marc Letteron
    Pages 259-265
  13. Phillip B. Gibbons, Yossi Matias, Vijaya Ramachandran
    Pages 277-292
  14. Philip D. MacKenzie, Vijaya Ramachandran
    Pages 293-302

Other volumes

  1. Second International Euro-Par Conference Lyon, France, August 26–29 1996 Proceedings, Volume I
  2. Euro-Par'96 Parallel Processing
    Second International Euro-Par Conference Lyon, France, August 26–29, 1996 Proceedings, Volume II

About these proceedings


This two-volume set presents the proceedings of the Second International European Conference on Parallel Processing, EuroPar '96, held in Lyon, France, in August 1996.
EuroPar '96 was organized in 14 workshops covering the whole spectrum of parallel processing. The comprehensive proceedings constitute a unique record of the state of the art in parallel processing research and development: the 224 papers included together with four invited papers were selected from a total of 383 submissions by authors from 40 countries; 554 referees were involved in the selection process and the index lists 521 contributing authors.


Multithreading Parallel Algorithms Parallel Architectures Parallel Processing Parallel Systems Parallelarchitecturen Parallele Algorithmen Parallele Systeme Paralleles Rechnen Scala Scheduling data structures logic programming neural network parallel programming

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