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  1. Front Matter
  2. Paul R. Wilson
    Pages 1-42
  3. Saleh E. Abdullahi, Eliot E. Miranda, Graem A. Ringwood
    Pages 43-81
  4. Y. Bekkers, O. Ridoux, L. Ungaro
    Pages 82-102
  5. Niels Christian Juul, Eric Jul
    Pages 103-115
  6. Nalini Venkatasubramanian, Gul Agha, Carolyn Talcott
    Pages 134-147
  7. K. G. Langendoen, H. L. Muller, W. G. Vree
    Pages 165-178
  8. Brian C. Heck, David S. Wise
    Pages 248-263
  9. S. Duvvuru, R. Sundararajan, E. Tick, A. V. S. Sastry, L. Hansen, X. Zhong
    Pages 264-276
  10. Barry Hayes
    Pages 277-298
  11. Daniel R. Edelson
    Pages 299-314
  12. A. Dain Samples
    Pages 315-329

About these proceedings


This is the first book entirely dedicated to the problem of memory management in programming language implementation. Its originality stems from the diversity of languages and approaches presented: functional programming, logic programming, object oriented programming, and parallel and sequential programming. The book contains 29 selected and refereed papers including 3 survey papers, 4 on distributed systems, 4 on parallelism, 4 on functional languages, 3 on logic programming languages, 3 on object oriented languages, 3 on incremental garbage collection, 2 on improving locality, 2 on massively parallel architectures, and an invited paper on the thermodynamics of garbage collection. The book provides a snapshot of the latest research in the domain of memory management for high-level programming language implementations.


Data Storage Representation Datenspeicherungsverfahren Garbage Collection Implementierung von Programmiersprachen Memory Management Operating Systems Programming Language Implementation distributed systems management programming programming language

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